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AMC Previews: Week of January 12


AMC Spoilers: Week of January 12

All hell breaks loose this week on “All My Children.”

An Affair Exposed – The Custody Battle Begins

JR, three sheets to the wind, exposes Krystal’s scandalous affair with David. Tad rips into Krystal after hearing JR’s words. Krystal tries to defend actions but Tad refuses to hear her explanation. Tad takes Krystal to Wildwind for a rude awakening where he points out that David is just using her and Babe’s death as a means to an end. Tad washes his hands of Krystal and tells David she’s all his. David masks his displeasure when Krystal says she wants Jenny to live with them at Wildwind.

Tad takes drastic measures when he files a restraining order banning Krystal from seeing Jenny. Krystal loses it when Tad refuses to let her near their daughter. David pays off an attorney to make Krystal believe that Tad would most likely win a custody battle. Krystal pops a handful of pills before Jenny’s custody hearing. Tad, Adam and Opal all give damaging testimony against Krystal. Krystal breaks down on the witness stand and accidentally sends her stash of pills flying across the floor. Krystal’s outburst costs her big time and Tad is granted full custody. Will Tad have a change of heart or will her resolve to keep mother from daughter?

Reese to Bianca: “We’ll Always Have Paris”

An insecure Bianca accuses a disbelieving Reese of being in love with Zach. Fed up, Reese decides she can’t live with Bianca constantly doubting her love and sends Bianca her engagement ring with a goodbye note attached. Reese prepares to go home to Paris and cut her losses. Bianca rushes home from the hospital to apologize to the love of her life. Bianca and Reese end up in each other’s arms. Later, Bianca worries when Erica invites Reese to brunch under the pretense of wanting to make peace. Reese handles herself perfectly. Reese, Erica and Bianca seem to all be in a good place. Bianca privately admits to Zach that she had felt insecure but he convinces her that she has nothing to worry about where Reese is concerned. Zach is suspicious of Erica.

Josh Madden Returns, Guns Blazin’

After vowing to get revenge against ex-business partner Zach, Josh Madden snoops around the casino and secretly snaps of photo of Reese’s blueprints. Josh hides when his half-sister Bianca arrives. A masked Josh stages an armed robbery at the casino. Zach stares down the barrel of Josh’s gun. Erica suspects the worst when Reese describes the ring she saw on the masked gunman and insists on returning to her suite. Bianca and Reese catch wind of Erica’s act and refuse to let her out of their sight. Soon enough, all three women are soon facing an armed and dangerous Josh. Josh takes an unwilling Reese hostage. Zach and Josh take aim at each other as a gunshot rings out.

Annie Sets Her Eyes On The Prize

Annie has a nightmare from Emma’s perspective and she discovers Ryan after he’s been stabbed to death. Dr. Sinclair watches the footage she secretly recorded of Aidan sneaking in and out of Annie’s room. Annie has a brief moment of lucidity in front of Dr. Sinclair and is shocked to find herself at Oak Haven but quickly slips back into dementia. Aidan slips out of Oak Haven to sign his and Greenlee’s divorce papers but he can’t resist getting a few digs in at Ryan. Aidan unknowingly walks into Dr. Sinclair’s trap when he returns to the institution. Annie has another nightmare but this time she sees Greenlee stabbing Ryan to death. Annie wakes up believing she needs to kill Greenlee. Dr. Sinclair grows more suspicious of Aidan and locks him in a cell next to Annie’s. Aidan explains to the administrator that he feels as though he owes it to Annie to try and help her. Aidan and Annie communicate through the air vents. Dr. Sinclair tells Ryan and Greenlee that she wants to get Annie well enough to stand trial for her crimes. Aidan coaches Annie on what to say to Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair takes Greenlee to see Annie. As per Aidan’s instructions, Annie claims to have forgiven Greenlee. Greenlee still fears Annie will never be out of her and Ryan’s lives.

Elsewhere In Pine Valley

Pete pours his heart to Colby, who insists their relationship cannot move past the friendship line. Amanda gives JR a much needed dose of tough love. Randi is arrested for propositioning a cop after a mishap with Frankie. David informs Zach that Kendall’s heart is weakening at an accelerated pace and she only has days to live. Ryan tells the trio of brides that he found the perfect spot for their double wedding. Angie and Jake break into Wildwind looking for evidence that David is drugging Krystal. Jesse supports Natalia when she tells him she wants to become a cop. Zach is desperate to get Kendall moved to the top of the transplant list for a new heart. Amanda prays she isn’t pregnant after buying a home pregnancy test.

Coming Soon: Week of January 19th

Erica faces a difficult decision. Amanda gets the news she’s been dreading. Angie and Jake get the goods on David. Kendall’s time is down to the wire. David turns the tables on Angie. JR’s learns that Amanda is with child. Angie becomes David’s latest victim. Reese helps Zach face the truth about Kendall. Jake gives Amanda something to think about. Annie finally remembers killing Richie.

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