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DAYS Spoilers: Week of January 12

Marlena’s suspicions of Charlotte ring true; Daniel & Chloe are almost exposed!



The Engagement Party Part II

This week on “Days of Our Lives,” the engagement party for Lucas & Chloe continues on. However it’s more about secrets and lies than love & romance. Daniel & Chloe are almost busted by Lucas. Chloe & Lucas share a tender moment where she wonders if they have an everlasting kind of love, and he assures her they do. After Kate welcomes her soon-to-be daughter-in-law into the family, Daniel & Chloe almost hook up again!

Meanwhile, Stephanie is surprised to see Max at the party and even more surprised when she finds out Chelsea invited him. Stephanie confronts Chelsea and is reassured nothing romantic is going on. Chelsea asks her if it would be ok if she did date Max – Stephanie admits she would have an issue with it.

Charlotte’s Secret Revealed

After John comes out from his hypnotherapy session, Charlotte doesn’t reveal to John that he had another memory of Marlena. Charlotte informs John his current form of treatment isn’t going to work, unintentionally sending John to Marlena for comfort. During his visit, John calls Marlena “Doc”; Marlena confides in Brady her concerns about Charlotte. Later on Charlotte proposes John start a new life outside of Salem…with her help.

Brady sneaks into Charlotte’s offices and watches the tape of John’s session but is almost busted. Marlena later confronts Charlotte and the two argue, forcing Kayla to pull them aside and have a talk with them. Brady escapes undetected, but not before emailing himself a copy of the tape so he can share with Marlena.

Elsewhere In Salem…

Sami escapes and goes to see Sister Theresa, who gives her a cell phone. During her time gone the killer grabs Hilda, who refuses to tell him where to find Sami. She ends up killed, and Sami returns to the safe house to tend to Rafe.

Mia agrees no bypass meeting EJ, but demands she see where the baby will grow up. Nicole takes her to the DiMera Mansion, where they run into Tony. Nicole tries to cover but Tony tells EJ about what he saw.

Even though Maggie tells Max that Nick doesn’t want anyone except Melanie at his hearing, Max goes anyway – as does Stephanie and Phillip. The judge reduces Nick’s sentence after hearing Melanie speak on Nick’s behalf.

Stefano & EJ plot to take over the Alt. Fuels project, but Melanie shoots them down knowing it would hurt her chances with Philip.

Can’t Miss

Nicole and E.J. have a nasty run-in with Victor on Tuesday, January 13th

Marlena kisses John on Thursday, January 15th

Brady watches Charlotte’s tape of John’s therapy sessions on Friday, January 16th

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