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DAYS Spoilers: Week of January 5

Kate breaks things off with Daniel.


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An Engagement Party To Remember

This week Kate breaks things off with Daniel and throws Lucas & Chloe a surprise engagement party. Before the party Lucas and Chloe have a heart to heart about her feelings. He asks her if she is having second thoughts about marriage. Even though she is thinking of Daniel, she tells Lucas that she wants to marry Lucas. Kate buys a dress for Chloe to wear for the party; she goes upstairs to put it on. Kate confides in Lucas that things with Daniel have ended. Lucas believes that Daniel dumped Kate and he takes a swing at the doctor. He goes upstairs to tend to his wound. Daniel enters Chloe’s room and helps her with the zipper. Daniel confronts her about her feelings for him. Lucas goes looking for Chloe as she and Daniel go in for a kiss…

Nicole’s Desperation

Nicole and EJ fight over her disappearance on New Year’s Eve. Nicole tracks down Dr. Baker to get in touch with Mia, a young pregnant girl who is willing to give her baby up for adoption.. After Nicole has a talk with Mia she decides to let Nicole adopt her baby on one condition. Mia needs to meet Nicole’s fiancé. Nicole asks Brady to pose as her fiancé but he tells Mia the truth. Brady and EJ have a run in. Nicole finds pre-nuptial papers in EJ’s files. Mia decides to let Nicole adopt her baby if and only if she meets EJ.

Elsewhere In Salem…

Chelsea & Max run into each other at Chez Rouge and he offers to be her date to the party. Chelsea doesn’t believe that he wanted to be her date so she leaves for the party without him. Stephanie argues with Melanie and her constant manipulations. Philip and Stephanie have a passionate moment, but decide it would be best to wait. John goes under hypnosis. Sami tends to Rafe as his wound becomes infected and decides to use the situation to her advantage. Lexie & Stefano have a heated argument. Abe and Lexie continue to grow closer. Bo’s vision comes true as Theo ends up being rushed to the hospital after a fall.

Can’t Miss

Lexie and Stefano get into an argument on Monday January 5th

Bo continues to be plagued by disturbing visions on Tuesday January 6th

Abe and Lexie share an emotional time together on Wednesday January 7th

John decides to undergo hypnosis on Thursday January 8th

John remembers seeing Marlena on a pier many years ago on Friday January 9

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