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General Hospital Casts Nathan Parsons in Mysterious New Role


General Hospital Casts Mysterious New Role

General Hospital casts newcomer Nathan Parsons in the mysterious role of Ethan.

Spencer fans have been wondering what their anti-hero Luke will be up to during GH‘s latest large scale “event that will change Port Charles forever.” Professional con artist, Luke Spencer, will be introduced to a new character when newcomer Nathan Parsons makes his debut the week of January 26th as fresh faced con artist Ethan, a recurring role. Parsons’ first scene will be on the Haunted Star opposite 6-time Daytime Emmy Winner Tony Geary. Later, just as Ethan thinks he has gotten away with some major swindling, Luke unexpectedly turns the tables on him at a bar outside of Port Chuck.

Slowly, a kinship builds off of their rapport and an indifferent Luke begrudgingly begins to realize that he and this smart aleck may have more in common than he may want to admit. TVGuide wondered how much they have in common, and we can’t help but ask as well. How long until Ethan is thrown together in a scene with Luke’s man-eating daughter Lulu (played by Julie Marie Berman)? Has award winning casting director Mark Teschner done it again? It remains to be seen.

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