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GL Previews: Week of March 2


GL Spoilers: Week of March 2

Will Alan finally have to pay for his crimes?

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{xtypo_sticky}Phillip and Grady come face to face.

Doris has Alan arrested.

Dinah comes through for both Mallet and Shayne.

Beth, Mindy, Rick and Phillip attend their 25th high school reunion{/xtypo_sticky}


Buzz and Alan both suffer sharp pains during their argument. Remy and Christina find them barely breathing. At Cedars, Alan thanks Christina and Buzz asks for the Coopers. Buzz tells Daisy he needs to talk to Grady. Buzz urges Grady to come clean, as doing so would put Alan away. Lizzie visits Alan and reveals she needs his help. Lizzie believes Phillip is the kidnapper she has on tape. Phillip apologizes to Buzz while visiting him at Cedards. Buzz vows to Phillip he will take down Alan. Lizzie goes home and hears Grady’s message on Bill’s phone and is later unnerved when she sees Phillip.

Grady tells Daisy he will do the right thing. Cyrus is desperate to track down Grady. At Cedars, Buzz and Alan are in the same room. Cyrus finds Grady and tells him to leave for good. Phillip issues Alan an ultimatum. Lillian won’t release Buzz until he is ready. Buzz asks Daisy to help him escape. Lizzie believes Phillip was her kidnapper after reading a text. Grazy is being watched. Lizzie informs her father that she knows who kidnapped her. Buzz tells Doris that Grady will testify against Alan in Tammy’s death. Will Doris have enough to take Alan down?


Olivia figures out Natalia and Frank had sex, though she is unware of Natalia’s regret. Jeffrey advises Olivia to be honest with Natalia. Later, when Natalia sees Olivia, she breaks down with guilt. Natalia gathers Olivia, Josh and Jeffrey for a fun night. Phillip tells Lizzie to follow her heart. Beth, Rick’s and Phillip’s 25th High School reunion is coming soon and they make plans to attend. Phillip is impressed with Beth’s legal skills. Cyrus and Grady make it appear as if Bill has left town. Grady is worried he and Cyrus will be exposed. Dinah poses as Mallet’s wife to help Mallet get a baby. Mallet is desperate to make Marina’s dream come true. Dinah sends Shayne a special gift.

COMING SOON: Week of March 9

Lizzie comes to a shocking realizations

Phillip confronts Grady.

Marina’s dream comes true.

Emma goes missing.

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