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GL Previews: Week of February 9


GL Spoilers: Week of February 9

Phillip (Grant Aleksander) makes a heroic return to Springfield!

The Rundown

{xtypo_sticky}Phillip makes a heroic return to Springfield

Alan & Beth’s wedding is brought to a screeching halt

A car crashes leaving Coop in critical condition

Shayne ignores Dinah’s warnings about Edmund{/xtypo_sticky}

Phillip Returns!

It’s Alan and Beth’s wedding day and Beth wants to call it off. Beth dreams of running off with Coop. Alan shares with Beth his plans for the romantic getaway and she runs off. Coop has been locked up in the basement by Buzz but he escapes. On the way to stop the wedding, Coop imagines his mother Jenna. Jenna visits Buzz in a dream and convinces Buzz that Coop loves Beth. Buzz finds Coop and gives him his car so that Coop can stop the wedding. Frank and Buzz wait at Company for Coop to return with Beth. Coop calls Beth from his car. Alan answers and tells Coop it is too late. Beth overhears and tells Alan she is leaving. Meanwhile, Coop is enraged and loses control of the car. Buzz and Frank raise a toast to Coop as Coop crashes. Coop is barely conscious when someone pulls him out of the wreck. Coop is taken to the hospital by Phillip. Marina and Mallet are called to the crash site and contact Buzz. They learn that Coop was driving. Mallet tells Frank that Coop is gone. Coop’s cell phone reveals that the last call received was Alan’s. Buzz and Frank rush to Cedars in hopes that Coop is already there. Buzz finds Coop who is unconscious.

At the Church, Beth prepares to wed Alan. Bill crashes the wedding because he believes that Cyrus kidnapped Lizzie. Bill pretends to be drunk in order to prove it to Lizzie. Lizzie follows Bill out of the Church where Bill kisses her. Inside, Rick asks Beth if she knows what she is doing. The wedding begins and the Church doors suddenly slam. Everyone is stunned to see that it is a very much alive Phillip. Beth faints. There is blood on Beth and Phillip tells everyone that there was an accident. Phillip says it was Coop and Beth runs out. Phillip takes Alan to his grave. He pulls a gun on Alan. Coop sees Beth and she pleads with him to hold on. Beth tells him she didn’t marry Alan. Phillip and Rick see each other and catch up. Coop tells Buzz who saved him and Beth runs out. Buzz tries to run down Alan. At the Spaulding Mansion, Phillip arrives and sees Beth. Beth informs Phillip that he is a grandfather. Lizzie finds out about Coop’s accident. Bill tells Lizzie that he did not kidnap her but he knows she did.

Springfield Happenings

Shayne confides in Dinah and Dinah issues another warning about Edmund. Word of Coop’s accident spreads through Springfield. Reva calls Shayne to make sure he is ok. Dinah told Josh and Reva that it is Lara’s birthday. Edmund is left out of the impromptu birthday party that Shayne has with Reva, Jeffrey and Josh. Dinah discovers that Jeffrey is having Edmund followed. Mallet and Marina are put on the waiting list for the adoption process. Mallet discovers that it was his past association with the Santos that has them on the waiting list.

Coming Soon: Week of February 16

Lizzie sees Phillip for the first time
Coop’s family and friends pray for him to wake up

Natalia plans on going away with Frank.

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