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ATWT Previews: Week of February 9


ATWT Spoilers: Week of February 9

Carly and Henry come up with a new product to market; Vienna is caught red handed trying to ensure a pregnancy!

The Rundown

{xtypo_sticky}Carly tries to pull one over on Craig.

Katie keeps Brad in the dark.

Meg rails at Paul when Eliza goes missing.

Alison is shocked at the sight of Casey and Jade.{/xtypo_sticky}

Headache In A Bottle

Realizing that Metro is slowly sinking, Carly and Henry collaborate to think of new ideas that will re-invent the club. Craig suggests that they create a brand of vodka, with Carly handling creativity and Craig handling finances. They shake on it and call the new brand Midnight Sun. Later, Craig arranges for some eager investors in Chicago to meet with Carly. Realizing the meeting is the same time as Sage’s play and can’t be postponed, Carly asks Jack and Janet to watch Sage if she promises to attend the play. In Chicago, the meeting takes longer than expected and Carly misses the play by a hair. Faking that she saw the play, Carly congratulates Sage on a job well done. Later, Carly admits that juggling her home life and the business are tougher than she thought, but she’s excited about the new venture. Craig then tells her of yet another meeting that he’s arranged with some potential investors in New York and asks her to go with him. The trip, however, soon ends up being more of a headache for Carly than what it’s worth…

Oakdale Happenings

Katie lies about wearing her diaphragm in order to get pregnant by Brad. When Katie lets Vienna in on her little secret, Vienna decides that she wants to have a baby with Henry, too. Back home, Brad reveals that he likes having Katie all to himself without a little one to worry about. Freaked out, Katie stays mum on the fact that they’ve been having unprotected sex. Recalling Katie’s revelation and remembering her own boyfriend’s reluctance, Vienna proceeds to poke holes in Henry’s condom and is caught red-handed by the martini man himself. She promises to never do it again and he forgives her.

Luke and Noah throw Casey a surprise birthday party at Yo’s where Casey takes a few too many drinks and offends Alison. Elwood arrives and after making an inappropriate comment about Alison, Casey slugs him. The brawl ends abruptly when Reg collapses suddenly. They take him to Memorial, where Bob informs them Reg died of a drug overdose. Later, Luke and Noah find drugs in Reg’s coat pocket and Luke automatically confronts Elwood. Meanwhile, thanks to Matt’s urgings, Alison agrees to stop by and talk things over with Casey. She stops dead in her tracks as soon as she sees through the living room window that Jade and Casey are having sex.

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