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DAYS Previews: Week of February 9


DAYS Spoilers: Week of February 9

Victor suspects Daniel has a thing for Chloe; Chloe breaks it off with Lucas and asks Daniel to run away with her.



Guilty Conscience

Chloe and Lucas settle on a wedding date and Chloe prays that this will finally put an end to her infatuation with Daniel. There is a fundraiser at Chez Rouge and all of Salem attends. When Maggie finds out about the wedding date, she warns Chloe to stay far away from Daniel. Chloe claims that she is. Kate gives a speech about health and family and Stefano tries to angle for Kate’s attention. Victor makes rude comments to Daniel about Chloe and Daniel makes it clear that he doesn’t appreciate it. Victor is taken aback by Daniel’s reaction and thinks that Daniel is falling for Chloe. Chloe sings a song for Lucas but she is so overcome by guilt that she runs out. Lucas follows and Chloe calls off the wedding. She leaves and finds herself on Daniel’s doorsteps.

When Business Gets Personal…

Stephanie confronts Philip about Melanie and the Alternative Fuels Project at Titan. Even though Stephanie doesn’t like Melanie, she doesn’t think that Melanie’s life should be ruined. Phillip tells Stephanie that this is the type of person he is and Stephanie doesn’t know if she can accept that. Meanwhile, Melanie confides in Max about her plans with the fuels project as a way to win Phillip. She believes this is the way to Phillip’s heart. Phillip has an injunction set up that prevents her to go elsewhere with the patent. Stephanie goes to visit Kayla and gets advice from her. Melanie hacks into Phillip’s computer and he catches her. He fires her and bans her from the building. She then learns that someone else has a copy of the blueprints. Stephanie wants to get back together with Phillip but after learning that Melanie was fired, she isn’t so sure. They run into each other at the Brady Pub and he apologizes, they decide to give it another try.

Baby Woes

Nicole discovers that Sydney has stopped breathing and she, EJ and Brady rush her to the hospital. A hysterical Nicole confides in Brady about all the trouble she has gone for Her baby. As Lexie works on Sydney, EJ questions Brady’s motives. Brady leaves and Nicole decides to come clean. As she is about to, Lexie announces that Sydney will be fine. The three return home, happy again. Nicole is warming Sydney’s bottle when she receives a call from Dr. Baker who threatens to spill everything unless she gives him more money. Nicole is desperate and calls Brady who is arguing with Victor about his relationship with Nicole. Brady agrees to help Nicole and breaks into the Kiriakis safe to get the money she needs. However, Victor returns….

EJ is angry at Nicole for leaving Sydney with the housekeeper again. Dr. Baker shows up and runs into EJ. Dr Baker tells EJ that he is just making a house call but EJ warns him to stay away. Nicole returns and EJ demands to know where she has been. Ever resourceful Nicole hands EJ a apnea monitor that Sydney needs and makes EJ look like a fool. EJ goes to set up the monitor when Dr Baker returns, demanding his money. Nicole hands it over, but Dr. Baker hints that he will be back. EJ goes ahead and sets a wedding date and gives Nicole $10,000 for a dress. Nicole uses the money to pay back Brady, who is worried about her. When Nicole comes home, EJ apologizes and the couple make up. Meanwhile Mia calls Nicole asking about “her” baby.

Can’t Miss

{xtypo_sticky}On Monday, February 9 – Hope tells Bo she is moving in with Doug and Julie. Kayla and Steve reaffirm their love for one another.

On Tuesday, February 10 – Chloe and Daniel can’t keep their attraction under wraps during the fundraiser.

On Thursday, February 12 – At the pier, Brady and Chloe remember when life wasn’t so difficult.

On Friday, February 13 – EJ is impressed when Melanie’s photographic memory comes to play. Sami longs for her other children while holding Grace. Later, Sami sees a newspaper and discovers that she and Nicole gave birth on the same day.{/xtypo_sticky}

Coming Soon: Week of February 16th


  • Mia thinks that she might want to keep her baby and continues to call Nicole.
  • The hearing begins and Kayla wants to show her support to Hope, which upsets Steve. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope remain estranged
  • Chloe and Lucas run into each other and they admit that they still love one another but can’t be together. Later, Lucas succumbs to temptation
  • It’s war when Victor pits Brady and Phillip against each other again
  • Max kisses Chelsea
  • A drunk Lucas goes to Daniel’s apartment to confront Daniel and Chloe with potentially deadly results
  • Phillip overhears Brady and Nicole discussing their secret


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