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AMC Spoilers: Week of February 9

"All My Children’s" ground breaking wedding between Bianca & Reese begins; Greenlee’s headed for a collision.

Sinclair’s Connection to Richie Exposed!

Ryan is shocked to see Aidan at Oak Haven, who tells him about his plan to help Annie. Meanwhile, Sinclair unsuccessfully tries once again to get Annie to crack about killing Richie. After Sinclair lies her tail off, Ryan decides to team up with Aidan so that they can get the goods on Dr. Riley. When Sinclair catches him in the mental institution, Ryan tricks her by badmouthing Annie and defending Richie, unaware that she’s secretly tapping their conversation and that she plans on playing it for Annie. Before leaving, Ryan informs Aidan that the missing years in Sinclair’s record match the time when Richie was in prison in Chicago. After hacking into her computer, Aidan reads a letter from the Chicago prison reprimanding Sinclair for her improper conduct with an inmate and calls Ryan. Sinclair taunts Annie with Ryan’s taped conversation along with his wedding announcement. Pushed to her breaking point, Annie admits she remembers killing Richie in cold blood

Sinclair joyfully plays Annie’s taped confession for Aidan, who covers his concern. Aidan tells Annie he’s leaving Oak Haven and whispers for her to keep playing along for her own sake. Sinclair later taunts Annie over the fact Aidan betrayed her and is left shaken by the encounter. When Sinclair accidentally leaves her cell door open, Annie escapes from Oak Haven while Greenlee becomes upset when she learns Ryan, Aidan and Tad have been trying to help Annie. Aidan convinces Sinclair to give him at least a day to find Annie and threatens to expose her past with Richie if she refuses. Annie makes her way to the country inn and hits Aidan over the head but he later gains the upper hand, or so we think…..

Reese and Bianca’s Wedding Begins, and An Accident May cause Another Bride her Life!

Reese and Bianca get into a huge fight which makes both regret asking Zach to serve as their donor, while Zach accuses Kendall of punishing him for going along with it. Kendall later tells Zach she has no intention of going to Bianca’s wedding to watch him carry Gabrielle down the aisle. Not happy with Kendall’s decision, Bianca tries to talk sense into her big sis and refuses to go through with the wedding without her. Kendall gives Bianca an ultimatum, saying she’ll attend the ceremony if Bianca and Reese move back to Paris with Gabrielle after the wedding. Meanwhile, Zach tells Reese that it would be best if she and Bianca left town after the wedding. After Kendall tells Zach about the deal she made with Bianca, Zach reveals that he also asked Reese to move back to Paris. Kendall’s jealousy grows as she watches Zach try to calm Gabrielle and she later delivers a venom laced toast to Reese at the rehearsal dinner. Reese drunkenly tells Zach she can’t go on denying what she feels and impulsively kisses him, which Ryan sees. Ryan later confronts Zach, accusing him of having an ongoing affair with Reese.

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Ryan tells Greenlee what he saw between Zach and Reese and convinces her not to go through with the double wedding. Meanwhile, Kendall overhears Bianca and Reese telling a happy Erica they’ve decided to stay in Pine Valley after all. Zach jumps in Kendall’s car as she storms off, driving recklessly in her anger. Greenlee heads to Zach on her motorcycle and is on a collision course with Kendall. Ryan sets out after Greenlee only to find himself face to face with a gun toting Annie. Bianca and Reese’s commitment ceremony begins with Bianca reciting her vows.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley…

Tad and Krystal struggle through the divorce proceedings as they divide up their property. Tad, Jake, Angie, Frankie and Randi plan a surprise party for Jesse which takes a sad turn when everyone learns that Rebecca died suddenly. Frankie admits to Angie he knew Rebecca was failing but honored her wish not to tell anyone. Taylor is happy to see that Brot is getting his confidence back while Jake yearns for her. JR and Amanda offer each other their support.

Can’t Miss …

Greenlee visits Kendall and gets her to open up about what she’s feeling.

Colby and Pete inch their way towards being friends again while she helps him search for his contact lenses.

Krystal tells Tad why she didn’t rat him out to David for planting the drugs at Wildwind.

Jesse helps Natalia mourn Rebecca.

Angie tells Krystal she will always be her friend even though she can’t David.

Coming Soon: Week of 2/16

Ryan drops a bombshell on Kendall. Greenlee’s loved ones fear the worst. Annie finds a savior in Aidan. Bianca confronts Reese about kissing Zach. Reese blames Ryan for ruining her life. Ryan warns Erica he’s going to make Zach pay.

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