B&B Previews: Week of February 9

B&B Spoilers: Week of February 9

Ridge attacks Rick.

This Week on The Bold and The Beautiful:

Ridge is still depressed over the loss of Phoebe. Stephanie urges him to go to Brooke as Stephanie feels that Brooke is the only one who can comfort Ridge right now. Ridge arrives and overhears a heated argument between Rick and Brooke. Rick tells Brooke that he loves Steffy and that they will be together. Ridge is furious and attacks Rick. Rick admits to Ridge that he truly loves Steffy. Ridge is angrier than he has ever been in his entire life. Rick leaves with Ridge in pursuit. A car chase ensues. Ridge feels he can no longer trust Steffy for being with Rick, but assures her that he still loves her. Brooke is torn between her child and the man she has loved for twenty years. Katie learns that Bridget is the mystery designer. Katie, with Nick’s consent knows that she is going to confront Bridget about her new role. Katie and Bridget fight over Nick. Katie is insecure about her relationship with Nick. After confronting Bridget, Katie still feels ill at ease.

Can’t Miss

It’s no holds barred when Ridge overhears a shocking secret on Monday February 9

Ridge will not stop until he gets his revenge on Tuesday, February 10

Eric feels betrayed on Wednesday, February 11.

Eric gathers the Foresters’ together for a family meeting on Thursday, February 12

Steffy asks Bridget about Rick’s love life on Friday, February 13

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