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OLTL Previews: Week of March 9


OLTL Spoilers: Week of March 9

A devious Stacy sets her sights upon Rex.

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A drug impaired Cole sets out on a collision course with Gigi and Shane. John and Marty discover the wreckage and while John rescues Gigi and Shane, Marty locates her long lost maternal instincts and frees Cole from his overturned vehicle. The victims are rushed to the hospital, with the exception of Matthew who lies unconscious and concealed where he was thrown from Cole’s vehicle. An alarmed Bo discovers Matthew’s hat at the site and discovers him.

Dr. McBain fights to save Blair’s life, and simultaneously has multiple counts of really bad news for Mathew’s and Shane’s parents following his examinations of their injuries. When Nora learns that Cole nearly overdosed on pain pills, and he is responsible for Matthew’s condition, she is livid and wants the long arm of the law to spank him hard!


Stacy (clever girl) drugs Rex, prevents him from getting Gigi’s frantic calls and engineers the situation to ensure Gigi discovers Rex in bed with her. A suspicious Gigi doesn’t entirely buy Stacy’s story that Rex initiated things, because Rex denies it but he doesn’t remember what happened. Gigi kicks Stacy to the curb, but the proverbial bad penny (BAD penny, not BROWN penny) turns up on Schuyler’s doorstep, ready to play house.

Meanwhile, Dorian, in full “Cramer Woman” mode, lashes out at anyone she suspects might be responsible for the attack on Blair. First she accuses Todd, but upon overhearing his denials in a touching conversation with Starr, she zeroes in on Ray. Dorian then realizes she’s mistaken about him as well, and apologizes. Ray lends Dorian his support at the hospital.


John and Starr hold vigil by Blair’s bedside. John, determined to find who assaulted Blair, also studies Wes’ and Lee’s autopsy photos which reveal something startling. Aided by new information from Marcie (who also shares her findings with Starr), Natalie and Jared continue to piece together the puzzling events of “Chloe’s” birth, and they’re convinced they have the answers they’ve been looking for . . . except what they should do next!

Can’t Miss …

Schuyler tells Starr he’s been suspended from teaching on Monday, March 9.

Stacy tells unconscious Rex that she’s always loved him on Tuesday, March 10.

Marty admits to Nora that Cole was flying and driving on Wednesday, March 11.

Jared and Natalie are more determined to learn the truth about Chloe’s birth on Thursday, March 12.

Brody and Jessica kiss on Friday, March 13.

Coming Soon: Week of 3/16

Stacy tells Roxy she knows her secret, Jared and Natalie take steps to prove their theory, Nora and Marty have it out. Brody and Jessica pull back from romance, but continue to yearn. John gets a clue. Todd decides to fight for his children and Tea says she’s through cleaning up his messes.

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