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AMC Previews: Week of March 23


AMC Spoilers: Week of March 23

Can Ryan keep Kendall from leaving town?

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Kendall fights for her marraige, but Zach thinks they’re over. Zach confesses to Kendall that he believes Ryan will always come between them. Ryan gives Aidan a warning that he will take everything away from Zach. Meanwhile, Zach explodes at Aidan for not telling him he knew that Ryan and Kendall slept together. Kendall has conflicted feelings about Ryan, but later gets the rug pulled from under her by Zach. Kendall gets support from an unlikely source… Reese. Erica tries to convince Zach not to give up on his marraige, but he tells her it’s already a lost cause. Kendall makes a plea to Zach, but he walks away when she doesn’t know what to say. Erica is worried that Kendall is uncapable of being alone. Kendall tells Ryan, she’s leaving town, but if he wants to stop her, he can, if not, it’s adios forever. Ryan informs Zach that he has taken over Cambias as well as the casino. Zach punches Aidan for allowing Ryan to to take control of Cambias and tells him he won’t be helping Annie after all. Zach is ready to face Ryan’s challenge head on.


David learns Little A has been placed in foster care after JR’s arrest. Jesse warns JR that he’s in serious trouble. David arranges a meeting with a judge as he and Krystal plot to get Little A. once and for all. The temporary custody hearing for Little A. gets underway with JR, David, Krystal and Tad all testifying. JR pushes David’s buttons with his testimony, as does Tad. Colby takes action when Krystal starts to tear out after Little A. The judge surprises everyone with his decision regarding custody of Little A. JR calls Adam’s hospital room from jail and panics when he fears Adam is in distress. Erica realizes that David has the judge in his back pocket and takes matters into her own hands to try and help JR. David has the wind knocked out of his sails when Erica lets him know his crooked judge has been replaced. Jesse has arranged for Little A to stay with him and Angie.


Frankie and Randi are married and have a disaster of a honeymoon. Amanda is determined to stick to her plan by leaving town to have her baby and put it up for adoption. David later rattles Amanda when he arrives to witness her sonogram. Brot and Taylor arrange a surprise for Frankie and Randi. Taylor is dissapointed when Brot voices his views about marraige. Opal still senses that Greenlee is cold and alone and needs help. Zach arrives at the casino with a challenge for Ryan. Reese tells Erica and Kendall that she’s going to prove that she’s worthy of Bianca.


Monday 3/30: Krystal pushes David too far

Tuesday 3/31: Frankie makes plans for the future

Wednesday 4/1 Jake comes to Amanda’s rescue

Thursday 4/2 Zach and Kendall get alarming news about Ian

Friday 4/3 Aidan does some digging into Annie’s past

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