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ATWT Spoilers: Week of March 30

Lucy reveals Paul’s blackmail to Dusty.

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{xtypo_sticky}Damien vows to prove his innocence.

Lucy begs Dusty to keep her secret.

Luke and Noah get some help at the foundation from newcomers Zac and Zoe.

Vienna and Henry dig themselves into a deep hole.{/xtypo_sticky}


Lucy tries to convince Paul that she and Dusty had sex in Chicago, but when he sees Meg and Dusty kissing, he warns Lucy that he’s not easily fooled. He reminds her that he’s the one in control and can spill her secret to Craig if she doesn’t take Dusty to bed. When Dusty learns about Meg being forced to stay at Fairwinds, he vows to never put his wife in jeopardy again. He decides to take action to secure Meg’s safety and heads to talk to Lucy about his secret meetings with Johnny, deeming them the cause of his failure to keep Meg from Paul. When Dusty arrives, Lucy falls apart in his arms and kisses him, insisting she’s not over him. Dusty doesn’t fall for his ex-flame’s sudden desire, though, and she’s forced to tell him everything. With time running out, Lucy suggests that they pretend to be together so Paul will back off and Dusty reluctantly agrees. While Lucy tells Paul that she’s making her move on Dusty, Dusty ominously tells Meg to trust him and not believe anything that Paul tells her.


Alison tricks Casey into going to Oakdale U with her and he agrees to take an extension course with her. Little do they know, it might not be so easy. When Vienna realizes she’s pregnant again, this time with Henry’s baby, she asks Henry to help her pass off the baby as Brad and Katie’s. Henry’s a tad reluctant, starting to like the fact that Vienna’s pregnant with his child. Brad and Katie suggest that Henry and Vienna move in with them so they can be closer to the baby, and Henry and Vienna soon set their plan into motion.

Despite Jack’s defense of Carly in the courtroom, Parker’s emancipation is denied. However, Craig is appointed as a new trustee over the teen’s trust fund and Jack is livid, especially when Carly asks him to give Craig a chance. Parker and Liberty’s happiness is short-lived when Craig throws his support behind Carly.

Damian tries to reach out to Luke by agreeing to fund PSA’s for the foundation, but Luke coldly refuses. Holden and Lily agree to fund the PSA’s themselves and return from taping to find their house ransacked. Although evidence keeps mounting against Damian, Noah’s convinced that Damian really is innocent and tries to convince Luke of the same. Luke doesn’t budge and when Damian approaches Noah for help reaching out to his son, Noah rebuffs him.

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