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Alan’s power play blows up in his face. How will Alan deal with his new role in the Spaulding family?

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{xtypo_sticky}Phillip is found guilty on all charges

Sparks fly when Daisy meets James Spaulding.

Edmund hides his rage towards Shayne.

Reva is forced to watch Jeffrey take Colin home without her.

Remy receives a gift that crushes him.

Mallet gets a phone call about Henry.

Edmund watches Reva.

Olivia wants to help Natalia with her wedding plans.{/xtypo_sticky}


Lizzie playfully taunts Bill by promising to with hold sex for at least 10 dates, something Bill says he can handle because of his willpower.  Bill and Lizzie’s date changes at the last minute, due to Beth wanted to have family dinner with Phillip in case he goes away again. Lizzie apologizes for the change, though Bill says they can still go out after – if they make it out alive.

Alan arrives at the dinner party with the money Lizzie gave to Grady to make him disappear. He dumps money onto the table saying there’s enough to go around. Phillip and Lizzie try to keep calm as Alan offers some money to the guests. Alan promises not to let Phillip hurt Lizzie now that he’s returned.

Beth is a nervous wreck when Phillip gets a call about his verdict, while Lizzie isn’t sure how she wants the case to turn out. After Phillip learns he’s been convicted on all charged and is taken away. Alan feels he has the upper hand when brags to Phillip he bribed a judge to make sure Phillip was convicted. Alan shows his disappointment in Phillip, admitting he always hoped to create an equal.  Alan is later shocked when Phillip reveals the governor pardoned him thanks to James Spaulding! Beth plans a celebration dinner at Towers for Phillip. Alan struggles with his new place as Phillip appears to have moved into position as head of the family. Later, when a drunken Alan won’t leave Beth alone, it’s his grandson James who makes him stop!


Reva has to stay in the hospital, while the baby gets released. Marina hires Blake to manage Company, so that she’ll have more time to spend with the baby. Daisy is unaware that the boy she kind of likes is James Spaulding. Daisy inadvertently helps James with a problem he’s been having.

Christina vents to Ashleee about the difficulties of life with Remy. Emma tells Olivia she saw Natalia crying and that maybe she doesn’t want to marry Frank. Edmund breaks into Shayne’s room and smashes Lara’s music box. Shayne & Dinah make love. Daisy gets riled up about a kiss. Phillip tries to get Lizzie to understand the depths of his devotion to her. Knowing Reva is sad about not being able to go home with the baby, Jeffrey makes a touching gesture for Reva and baby Colin.

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