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AMC Previews: Week of April 20


AMC Spoilers: Week of April 20

Zach finds comfort with a woman he doesn’t even know.

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I Didn’t Even Know Her Name

Zach is intrigued with Liza, but questions her motives, after they make love at the casino. Zach sees Ryan and Kendall with Ian at the hospital looking very much like family. Kendall sees lipstick on Zach’s neck and he tells her that he had a fling with a woman and doesn’t even know her name. Kendall is hurt by Zach’s coldness towards her.

Welcome Home Ms. Colby

Liza returns to Pine Valley with a law degree in hand, and immediately lands her first client: Amanda Dylan, thanks to Jake. Liza confesses to Jake that Colby wants nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, Colby opens up to Amanda regarding her feelings for her mother. A hidden Liza witnesses a father/daughter moment between Adam and Colby.

Psycho Love

Aidan tells Annie that they’re going on the run. Annie is hesitant to leave Emma but knows it wouldn’t be fair to take her with them. She goes to see Emma one last time before leaving with Aidan. Jesse alerts Ryan that Annie has escaped from Oak Haven. Ryan rips into Aidan when he arrives under the pretense of wanting to help find Annie. A fired up Ryan bursts in on Aidan and Annie just as they’re leaving Pine Valley for good. Aidan orders Annie to make a run for it as he and Ryan struggle. Aidan lies to Jesse as he gives him misinformation about Annie’s whereabouts.


Scott is furious with JR after learning he strong armed Dr. Chappell into accepting a buyout. Randi and Frankie celebrate their one month anniversary via a webcam. Scott joins Randi when the connection is lost and Frankie sees them together when the picture returns. Jake and Amanda grow stronger. Jesse informs Ryan that Annie was last scene boarding a flight to the Maldives. Krystal introduces David to Marissa. A vision of a bloodied Annie puts a fright in Opal. Ryan leaves Fusion and Kendall fails to convince him to stay, telling her she’s still hung up on Zach.


Kendall and Bianca reach an understanding. Tad gets some disturbing news. Adam confides in Erica. Reese hopes that Bianca can find a way to forgive her. Zach’s father warns Ryan there’s a killer on the loose. Zach questions Kendall’s motives. Bianca and Reese make a decision about their future. Kendall tells Ryan he’s the man she wants to be with. Adam lays out a challenge for Scott and JR. Amanda has a change of heart about her baby. Tad is on a mission to find out who really killed Dixie. Zach remembers the good times with Kendall. Opal is plagued by ominous visions. David makes plans for Adam. Zach and Liza are equally matched.

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