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ATWT Previews: Week of April 6


ATWT Spoilers: Week of April 6

Noah is caught off guard by Zac’s kiss; Meg pays the consequences when Dusty falls into Paul’s trap.

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{xtypo_sticky}Meg pays the consequences when Dusty falls into Paul’s trap.

Vienna offers Henry a way out.

Lily begins to believe in Damian.

Liberty accepts Craig’s offer.{/xtypo_sticky}


Paul sets his plan in motion by sending Meg to Lucy’s room, where Dusty finally tells Lucy he can’t continue with the charade. He promises to give Paul a taste of what’s to come if he outs Lucy to Craig and heads off to confront him. Meanwhile, Paul sets off to meet Dusty at the farm, bribing Meg’s babysitter and calling a social worker to the farm. Dusty falls right into Paul’s plan and beats him up. Paul sneaks in and starts a small fire with Eliza inside. The social worker finds the house ablaze and Eliza inside, while Paul milks his injury and convinces the social worker that Meg’s boyfriend beat him up and Meg left Eliza inside.

Meg sees social services allowing Paul to take the baby and scolds Dusty for playing into Paul’s elaborate scheme. She huffs that she’s the only one who can make things right with Paul and goes to Fairwinds. Once there, Paul humiliates her, forcing her to do a striptease and leading her to ask him to bed. Instead, Paul refuses and snaps she can save it for Dusty. Paul hands Eliza to Meg and asks her to say goodbye. Instead, Meg promises Eliza it’s not goodbye and hands the baby back to Paul before leaving. But who has the upper hand by the end of the week: Meg or Paul?


On his date with Carly, Craig ends up covering for her when Jack notices she’s drunk again. Back at Carly’s, they end up drinking more and making love. Later, Craig arranges for Liberty to interview for an internship in New York City and Jack gives her his blessing. Janet notes how supportive he is when it’s her daughter that’s going away and the two end up sparring.

After they learn the foundation account is frozen, Luke suspects Damian and goes to confront him, only to find his mother nursing a shirtless Damian. Meanwhile, Noah’s caught off guard when Zac kisses him. Although Luke’s a bit peeved, he trusts Noah and lets it go. Later, Luke informs the twins that his biological father is Damian and they call his father evil.

Kim brings up the idea of doing a documentary with Brad, Katie, Vienna, and Henry. When Brad accuses Henry of being mad the baby isn’t his, Henry starts to have doubts about pretending the baby inside Vienna really is Brad’s. However, when Vienna asks him if he’s changed his mind about everything, Henry keeps his mouth shut and Vienna tells him to just let it go.

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