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DAYS Previews: Week of April 27


DAYS Spoilers: Week of April 27

The drama in Salem continues to climb this week on “Days of Our Lives.”

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Sami is able to arrive at the airport in time to stop Rafe from leaving town. She pleads with him not to go, but he isn’t sold on it until she simply tells him don’t go. The twosome arrives at her townhouse and are about to make love when EJ interrupts. EJ accuses her of still loving him, but Rafe makes him leave. Upon returning home EJ has a vision of Sami when making love with Nicole.

Rafe demands the truth from Sami regarding her feelings for EJ. She is unable to convince him that she is over him and leaves. Rafe then runs into Arianna and they catch up. He admits to her that his new romance might not work, and assures her that no one will ever replace her in his heart, just as Sami walks up. Sami turns to Lucas wanting to make sure he keeps Grace’s secret. He vows to not tell anyone – Not even Chloe. Will overhears a part of this and is upset that his mother is pulling his father back into her newest scheme. Meanwhile Chloe has a talk with Father Matt who asks her if she told her husband about her affair, just as Lucas walks up…


Nicole is able to split up Brady & EJ before they come to blows. Brady realizes that he cant split his loyalty anymore and pledges his alliance to Victor who threatens EJ with Stefano’s life. EJ joins Stefano at the hospital where he is being tested. Lexie informs them he hasn’t been poisoned but he has diabetes. Stefano decides to get treated outside of Salem and asks EJ if he is able to handle things alone. After EJ assures him he is able Stefano takes off to the airport with a fake passport, unaware that he has been followed. EJ finds out that Masi intends to finish the hit on Philip and tries to make him wait. He also receives a file from Stefano on Dr. Baker. Nicole, realizing EJ has Sami on his mind, worries that if Sami & EJ talk and discover Dr. Baker delivered both babies on the same night they might start to connect the dots. She urges him to leave town.


When Chelsea discovers Max has applies to med school in Chicago she is upset. He assures her that even if he is accepted he won’t go, because he can’t be away from her. However she is not willing to let him do that. Both hope he is accepted to Salem U so they can be together. But when going over computer files at the hospital Chelsea almost ruins his chances. Later in the week Kate receives a serious phone call regarding Billie. Billie has been in an accident and will need serious help getting back on her feet in London. Kate is unable to attend because of Philip’s condition so Chelsea offers to go. Upon learning this Daniel tells her he can phone around and try to get her a job, for which she is grateful. She then shares a goodbye with Abe, Lexie, and Theo. But the hardest part is telling Max…

Philip keeps experiencing nightmares and when he takes out his anger on a guard who won’t let Stephanie into his room. Later he further lashes out, this time at Lexie. Stephanie confides in Lexie about her fear. She then returns to Philip and crawls into bed with him, assuring him she will be there for him. When she tries to surprise him with plane tickets out of town for a getaway she is hurt by his reaction. Melanie then arrives as Stephanie leaves and tells Philip how sorry she is for him. When she leaves and spies the torn up tickets she realizes she may have another shot with him after all.

Chloe also has trouble visiting Philip until Brady arrives. The two catch up and she is happy to learn he is giving up on winning Nicole. However she is worried that he might give into this war given his personal feelings. Mia goes to see Will and develops a deeper connection with Grace than she did with Sydney. She then forgets about all the worries she has when they decide to go to the Java Café where they run into Will’s friend Tad, who has a past with Mia. Later will asks Mia about her past but she tells him there is nothing to tell…



{xtypo_sticky}Monday, April 27 – Victor hints that Stefano may be the next victim in the DiMera and Kiriakis war.

Tuesday, April 28 – Sami & Rafe share a passionate kiss.

Wednesday, April 29 – Chloe & Brady share a moment.

Thursday, April 30 – EJ receives a file on Dr. Baker.

Friday, May 1 – Chelsea calls Max and says they need to talk.{/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of May 4


  • Sami confronts Rafe about his “other woman” and is surprised by Rafe’s revelation.
  • Father Matt suggests Chloe and Lucas go into marital counseling.
  • Kate reveals the truth to Daniel
  • Chelsea and Max have an emotional goodbye
  • Hope saves Phillip from a DiMera hit.
  • More information about Mia’s past is revealed thanks to Will and Tad’s friend Kinsey.
  • Stephanie trusts Philip in his feud with the DiMeras.
  • Victor tells EJ he has Stefano, who fears his father may be dead.
  • Dr. Baker accuses Nicole of trying to kill him.
  • Sami and Rafe have an interesting first date.


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