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GH Previews: Week of May 4


GH Spoilers: Week of May 4

More than sparks fly between Nikolas and Rebecca. Will the duo finally give into temptation?

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Patrick and Dr. Hensen don’t see eye to eye when it comes to performing surgery on Michael. Even though Patrick insists Michael needs to surgery, Jax sides with Dr. Hensen’s decision to wait. Jason informs Carly about Michael’s condition when she returns home. Carly agrees with Patrick’s diagnosis and Sonny and Jax support her decision for Michael to have the surgery now rather than later. Matt tries to convince Patrick not to perform the surgery but isn’t able to persuade his brother. Michael’s family waits while Patrick and his team perform the necessary surgery. A crisis occurs during surgery when Michael flat lines on the operating table.


Rebecca is honest with Nikolas about her and Lucky’s relationship and she admits she is attracted to him. Nikolas pulls her in for a passionate kiss. Rebecca pulls away from Nikolas before they make love, leaving Nikolas frustrated. She is forced to stay the night at Wyndemere when the launch to the mainland is out of commission. Rebecca wears one of Emily’s nightgowns and Nikolas is unsettled by the sight of her in it. When Nikolas has a nightmare about Emily’s death, Rebecca is by his side to comfort him. She recruits Nikolas to help her paint her room at Kelly’s. While moving furniture, Nikolas strains his back, Rebecca offers to give him a massage and then things really heat up between them. Just as they are about to make love, Mike interrupts them. Alexis gives Nikolas another warning about not trusting Rebecca, later Nikolas discovers Alexis trying to pay Rebecca to leave town.


Jason shares his knowledge of Claudia being involved in Michael’s shooting with Sam. Spinelli discovers the truth about Maxie’s shenanigans and confronts her. Claudia is admitted to the hospital after she suffers from abdominal cramps. Sonny and Claudia are relieved to learn nothing is wrong with the baby. Ric witnesses a close moment between Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos. Luke, Ethan, and Tracy wait for the DNA results. Spinelli takes on a new case of finding out who is leaking important information from Crimson. Luke asks Lulu to get close to Ethan to find out what Tracy is up to. Maxie and Spinelli lose their suspect because things heat up while they are on the stake out.


Lucky and Elizabeth confess they still have feelings for each other on Monday, May 4.

Sonny opens up to Olivia about his complicated relationship with Claudia on Tuesday, May 5.

Lucky becomes upset over the fact that Luke could turn out to be Ethan’s father on Wednesday, May 6.

Luke and Ethan get the results of their DNA test on Thursday, May 7.

Jax doesn’t want Claudia anywhere near Carly on Friday, May 8.

COMING SOON: Week of 5/11…

Michael’s life hangs on by a thread. Spinelli promises Maxie he will always be there for her. Luke is certain Tracy knows more than she’s tellng him. Ric reminds Claudia that her fate will be decided if Michael survives or not. Luke shares his suspicions about Tracy with Ethan. Maxie fears she’ll end up losing her job after all. Patrick has unsettling news for Michael’s family. Luke and Ethan leave town to rescue Holly. Lucky opens up to Elizabeth about Luke and Ethan. Jason confronts Claudia about her involvement in Michael’s shooting.

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