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Krystal threatens to kill Adam if he reveals her connection to Marissa and later tells Tad her secret.

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Marissa witnesses Krystal burning an envelope that contained damaging information Adam holding over her. Marissa stops JR from taking a drink at ConFusion. Marissa defends JR to David, who makes it clear she’ll be out on the street if she ever sides with JR. Marissa abruptly moves out of Wildwind but leaves David the envelope containing the charred photo oh her family Krystal tried to destroy. Adam takes pleasure in torturing Krystal over her sordid secret and meets Marissa for the first time. Krystal warns Adam she’ll kill him if he ever breathes about what he knows about her and her connection to Marissa. Krystal gives Tad a shock when she confides her secret with him but insists neither David nor Marissa can ever learn the truth.


Zach rushes Ian to the hospital when he comes down with a fever. Kendall soon arrives at the hospital with RYan at her side. Zach and Kendall get the distressing news that Ian needs surgery. Scott suggests to David that he should use his experimental heart valve for Ian. Erica once again tries to prove out to Ryan tat he needs to let Kendall go. Joe tells Kendall and Zach that Ian will surely die if he doesn’t receive a new heart valve in the very near future. Zach and Kendall are faced with an impossible decision as either option they’re pre sented with doesn’t guarantee Ian’s life will be saved. Zach points out that David is reluctant to test Scott’s experimental heart valve on Ia because he doesn’t want to do anything that coud potentially help Adam and Chandler Enterprises. Erica demands that Adam do whatever it takes to change David’s mind. Adam meets with David, who ends up agreeing to perform the surgery. Zach and Kendall give David the go ahead to operate on their son. Zach grows suspicious of David.


JR’s blood boils when he realizes Adam used Little A as a bargaining chip to get David to agree to test their experimental heart valve on Ian. Dr. Chappell warns Adama nd JR that he discovered a serious problem with the valve. JR makes a desperate call to Scott to have him stop the surgery but it’s already too late. Adam cautions JR and Scott to never beathe a word about Dr. Chappell’s warnings. Adam basks in the success of Chandler Enterprises being on the upswing after Ian’s operation. Adam dispatches Scott to give Dr. Chappell a huge check in order to buy his silence but the doctor won’t be bribed. Scott is taken aback by Adam’s ruthlessness where Dr. Chappell is concerned.


Aidan gets word that his operative lost track of Annie. Both Opal and Aidan are in for a shock when she catches him snooping at Ryan’s penthouse. Amanda plans on running away and leaves Jake a goodbye not. Amanda can’t bring herself to leave Jake and returns home. Jake and Amanda declare their love for each other and end up in bed. Frankie’s family realize that his injuries are serious after getting word that he’s being airlifted to Germany for treatment. Brot calls in a favor and learns the true extent of Frankie’s injuries. Brot tells Angie, Jessie, Randi and Taylor, that Frankie’s hands were crushed when his unit was attacked. Frankie’s family struggles to be patient as they wait for more news.


Aidan gets more than he bargained for when he helps Annie. Adam tells David what Krystal’s been hiding. Annie grows more and more unhinged. Opal has an ominous warning for Ryan. Angie and Jake work to save Ian’s life.

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