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DAYS Previews: Week of May 11


DAYS Spoilers: Week of May 11

Rafe steps in to help Sami, and inadvertently helps Nicole too.

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Stefano’s life is in Victor hands this week as EJ learns that Victor is only Stefano enough insulin to keep him alive. Upon learning that Victor will only release Stefano if he dissolves the family business EJ tries to fight back but is overpowered and dropped off at the pier. Rather than give in EJ comes up with a plan of his own.

Meanwhile, Stephanie & Philip share news with Victor of their plans to wed. He is supportive, but Caroline is not. Caroline tries to get Stephanie to see that Philip’s life is dangerous but it falls on deaf ears. Owen drugs a glass of lemonade on orders of EJ and gives it to Stephanie; however Philip ends up drinking it. Philip falls asleep and Melanie stops by. She calls Stephanie out on being unable to handle Philip’s life before she is removed from the property, dropping a bracelet.

Bo & Hope meet with Victor and try to get him to end this feud. He refuses too thinking he has the upper hand unaware of what is about to happen. Stephanie is surprised by Owen who chloroforms her. As he is taking her away he is almost seen by Melanie, but manages to get away and takes Stephanie to a morgue, shutting her off from the world.


Dr. Baker wakes up from his fall believing Nicole tried to kill him. When he threatens to tell EJ the entire story she convinces him that EJ would kill him. Scared for his life, he strikes a deal with Nicole – his lips are sealed if she leaves him alone. However he writers a letter that says if he dies, Nicole did it. Meanwhile Rafe & Sami heat things up but are forced to stop when its time to Grace in for her appointment. At the hospital Sami spots Dr. Bakers and freaks out. Something Nicole sees that also causes her to worry. Later, Sami tells Rafe that Dr. Baker is the one who delivered her baby and is scared the truth will come out. Rafe decides to take matters into his own hands. Rafe tracks Baker down moments before two men attack him. After fighting them off Rafe has Baker promise not to tell Sami’s secret and gets him to leave town. Across town Nicole and Sami’s paths cross at the Java Café. When Arianna arrives she is able to make both women uneasy with her choice of words…


After Max confides in him about his feelings for Chelsea, Bo starts to stress out over a vision he has of Ciara in the woods with her teddy bear. Later Ciara’s bear goes missing. Bo is sure it is in the woods somehow, but Max locates it. Causing Bo to think this vision is yet to happen. Lucas confronts Kate on her hostility towards Chloe. Kate covers, scared that if she tells him the truth he will blame her. Chloe meets with Daniel and they discuss Kate knowing the truth. The two share a tearful goodbye moments before Lucas shows up, questioning her tears. She makes up a lie and takes a glance at Daniel – something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Lucas. Will tracks Mia down and tries to repair the friendship that leads to her having to bring him to a meeting for addicts. At Maggie’s house Melanie learns that Brady is a recovering addict. Her views on Stephanie & Philip and men in general put Brady off. She leaves, just as Mia arrives horrified to find out Will knows Maggie. Brady pulls her aside and calls her out on using when pregnant. She confesses she never did and begins to tell him the story when Will enters the room.


{xtypo_sticky}Monday — Chloe and Daniel process their feelings.

Tuesday – Caroline shares a heart to heart with Stephanie.

Wednesday — Sami and Nicole share some heated words.

Thursday — Stefano dreams that he’s dead.

Friday – Sami realizes something is going on involving Stefano and demands answers.{/xtypo_sticky}

COMING SOON: Week of May 18


  • Philip goes to look for Stephanie and is unable to find her.
  • Mia’s continued lies eat her alive.
  • Sami and Rafe make love for the first time and profess their love for each other.
  • Owen snaps Stephanie’s picture and sends it to EJ, using her phone.
  • Philip meets with his father to plea for Stefano’s release for Stephanie and Victor says no.
  • Arianna tells Rafe she is afraid that it’s all happening again when he wants to adopt Grace.
  • EJ confides to Nicole about the Stephanie kidnapping.
  • Brady meets with Bo and tells him he thinks Stephanie’s life is in danger.


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