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ATWT Previews: Week of June 22


ATWT Spoilers: Week of June 22

Carly and Craig try again to make it down the aisle.

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The doctors tell Emily that reversing her procedure probably won’t result in pregnancy. Larry miraculously finds Emily’s eggs at Memorial and takes her to the opera to celebrate, leaving Susan furious. After the opera, Emily gets drunk and ends up staying over at Larry’s. Meanwhile, Susan becomes suspicions about Larry and how quickly he found Emily’s eggs. She warns the nurse who let Larry in that she must never do it again. Across town, Alison and Hunter visit Aurora again, hoping to get clues about Hunter’s real father, but she doesn’t give them much. Hunter finds his father’s name on the birth certificate, but discovers the only Tristan Wagner in the area can’t possibly be his father. Upset, Hunter kisses Alison, but she turns him down.


Henry finally gets his wish. Craig and Carly get engaged…again. Bonnie fills Derek in on her relationship with Dusty. Margo’s life is on the line. Jack tries to keep his tattered family together. Dusty blows the lid on Damian’s latest business venture. When Meg discovers Damian bought controlling shares in Worldwide, she swears off men. Later, Damian apologizes and Meg accepts, but only if he learns he can’t control people with money. Colonel Mayer promises to keep Riley’s identity under wraps if Riley brings Noah to him. When Alison breaks up with him, Casey vows to dig up all the dirt he can in order to prove Riley is a fraud.

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