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DAYS Previews: Week of June 22


DAYS Spoilers: Week of June 22


EJ and Sami face off over the children.


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EJ vs Sami

This week opens with Sami finding out the courts have given temporary full custody to EJ. When she realizes she must give Johnny up for the moment she lashes out at Nicole, blaming her for all of this. She also vows that she will take EJ down, one way or another.

After turning to Stephanie for help with EJ, Sami comes home to deal with Will. Rafe tries to get him to understand Sami’s action. Later in the week Rafe sees Mia with Brady and feels they are hiding something. Nicole has another run in with Rafe where he probes her about Mia. Alone, Nicole worried Rafe may be onto her secret.

A Plan for Revenge

Kate kicks her plan into the next gear when she poisons the food Daniel & Chloe will be eating during the show. However it almost backfires when Lucas picks it up. Kate wraps for the day and toss’ the treats out in the nick of time.

Kate later meets with Daniel and tapes the conversation. She then started to edit the tape in order to make it seem like Daniel said something he didn’t. As the week comes to an end she urges him to buy Lucas and Chloe a housewarming gift.

Around Town

Stephanie slips and hits her head, knocking her unconscious. Daniel soon arrives and finds her, rushing her to the ER. He quickly realizes she has over-dosed on her medication. After having a nightmare, Stephanie runs into Chloe who can tell she is stressed. Chloe recommends going to Dr. Jonas for help.

Bo runs into Philip and Victor doing dirty business on the pier. Lucas asks Philip to be his best man.

Hope donates a large sum to an autism charity and she becomes upset when he photo is published along with an article on her act. She becomes distracted from this issue upon finding out Nathan, Maggie’s grandson, is connecting with Melanie. Meanwhile Bo has a disturbing vision as a mysterious man reads the article on Hope.

Maggie asks Melanie to help out at the Horton cabin. Nathan and Maggie have a talk about Melanie.

Chad informs Mia he will not be going anywhere.


Monday, June 22nd – Mia’s ex-boyfriend, Chad returns to Salem

Tuesday, June 23rd – Sami vows to fight EJ with everything she has got.

Wednesday, June 24th – Sami turns to Stephanie.

Thursday, June 25th – Rafe comes across Mia & Brady.

Friday, June 26th – Nicole fears that Rafe is going to be a problem.

COMING SOON: Week of June 29


  • Nicole takes Johnny to see Sami.
  • Rafe investigates Nicole and Mia’s connection.
  • Bo dreams about his vision with Zack and he confides in Hope.
  • Stephanie meets with Philip and breaks off their engagement.
  • Sami becomes the object of Rafe’s wrath.
  • Chloe opens up to Maggie.
  • Daniel and Chloe are unknowingly recorded by Kate.
  • Melanie comes up with an idea using Brady.
  • Days will be a rerun on Thursday & Friday.

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