One on One with Taylor Spreitler


One on One with Taylor Spreitler

Interview with ‘Days of Our Lives’ Taylor Spreitler (Mia).


Taylor Spreitler began her career at a tender age of six years old when she graced print ads for companies such as a Avon, Saks 5th Avenue, Macy’s, and Land’s End. She was bitten by the acting bug and moved on from modeling by auditioning for acting jobs. She appeared on such primetime series as Law & Order SVU, and national commercial campaigns for Chuck E. Cheese, JIF and PediCare. Now portraying conflicted teen mother Mia McCormick on NBC’s Days of Our Lives, fifteen year old Taylor Spreitler is quickly learning how fast paced daytime soaps can be.

TVSource Magazine recently spoke with the young actress to learn a little more about her, her role on ‘DAYS’ and what’s to come!

TVSource Magazine: How did you get your start in this business?

Taylor Spreitler: I started out in beauty pageants and talent competitions. I was at a national pageant in Pennsylvania and there were some agents from New York judging. The agents suggested I come to New York for the summer and try modeling so we did!

TVS: Days of our Lives is your first major role. You have done mostly commercial work, how did you handle the fast pace of soaps?

TS: It took a little getting used to,definitely not the sit around and wait type filming that commercials are.

TVS: What was your audition like?

TS: I had a really good feeling about it when I left Marnie’s [Saitta, Days of Our Lives’ Casting Director] office after the first audition. At the callback there were about 13 girls, all older than me so I figured it was one to just chalk up to good experience. I got the call a few hours after saying I had booked it and I was so happy! I’m so thankful to Marnie for taking a chance on me.

TVS: When you came on as Mia originally she left town for a bit. Were you aware at the time that you would be coming back and playing a major role in this storyline?

TS: I wasn’t sure where they were going to go with Mia in the storyline, but when I got the script that said Mia was moving to Japan, I just knew I was fired already!

TVS:How has it been working with Arianne Zucker & Alison Sweeney?

TS: Wonderful! They are both so talented.

TVS: What about working with Suzanne Rogers?

TS: She’s a legend in this business. I absolutely love Suzanne she is the sweetest lady. Working with her always feels so comfortable.

TVS: At Grace’s funeral you got to sing. Is that also something you would do again on the show?

TS: Sure, maybe Will and Mia could do a little karaoke!

TVS: How do you think Mia will react when she finds out Nicole swapped her baby and her child is now dead?

TS: I think it is going to be a range of emotions from extreme sadness to being furious with Nicole. It was so hard for her to give her baby up in the first place and she was so sad when Grace died.

TVS: What has been one of the most challenging scenes to film so far?

TS: It was the birthing scene up until the scenes in the hospital when Grace died. Those scenes were so hard on everyone it just felt so real.

TVS: Can you tell us about what’s coming up for Mia? Seems like her hands will be full with Will and Chad.

TS: Oh yes poor Mia caught in the middle! It’s not your typical teenage love story with all the lies and secrets. Kinsey is being a nosy troublemaker and trying to come between Mia and Will. Chad is becoming increasingly suspicious of the story Mia tells happened after he left town.

TVS: Have you had any fan encounters yet?

TS: I have! Mostly in restaurants for some reason. People will be staring at me and it still doesn’t click that they know me from Days. I always think I have food on my face or something! Then they come over and ask if I’m that girl on Days.

TVS: Has it been difficult for you to juggle your taping schedule plus school work?

TS: It’s been a little difficult, but my wonderful set teacher Ms. Bobbi has helped a lot!

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