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ATWT Spoilers: Week of July 27

Henry’s mother pays him a visit in Oakdale.

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{xtypo_sticky}Henry’s mother Audrey makes herself at home.

After reuniting with her younger sister Teri, Janet feels remorse.

Margo tries to hold up her charade.

Parker’s mad when Craig sets him up. {/xtypo_sticky}


Kim informs Brad that he must have a co-host to keep Oakdale Now running. When Henry pitches the idea of re-hiring Vienna, Kim hands him the job offer instead. Henry’s ecstatic, but Brad convinces him that taking the job will kill his chances of reconciling with Vienna. Henry returns home to find roses with an apology note. Deadset on the idea that Vienna has returned to him, he’s miffed to find his mother on the other end of the door. Across town, Brad and Katie’s romantic evening is put to a halt when Henry calls with news of his mother’s arrival. Katie invites them over for dinner. Audrey’s delightfulness prompts Katie to ask why Henry’s so upset about his mother returning. Brad and Katie resume their romantic night while Audrey tells her son that she’s staying with him to help heal his heartbreak. However, Henry soon regrets his decision when he catches his mother red-handed.


When Sage finds a letter from Carly, she packs a bag to go visit her mother. Teri stops her at the train station and convinces her to return home just as Jack, Craig, and Rosanna arrive. Craig offers Teri a position as the kids’ nanny at Milltown, but Jack and Rosanna are reluctant. Later, Jack spies Teri talking with Sage at the Snyder farm and is convinced she’s stalking his daughter…until Janet emerges and reveals Teri is her little sister. Liberty returns to Oakdale with a secret. While Damian, Lily, Lucinda, and Holden argue over whether or not Luke should work for his father, Lily becomes uneasy about her feelings for Damian.

Tom fears adultery and wants to send Riley off to work in Milwaukee, forcing Casey to convince him that Riley and Margo aren’t having an affair. After walking in on Paul and Emily in post coital bliss, Paul tells Meg he won’t be having surgery to regain his memories. Meg is hurt that Paul wouldn’t want to remember their love or their daughter and seeks comfort in bed with Damian. Meanwhile, Paul gives Emily some money to help with her job search.

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