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ATWT Spoilers: Week of July 20

Sage learns the truth about her mother.

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{xtypo_sticky}Vienna lashes out at Henry for his betrayal.

Luke and Noah learn more about Mason.

Jack is furious when Craig spills all to Sage about Carly.

Meg is pleasantly surprised by Paul’s behavior. {/xtypo_sticky}


When Sage’s camp counselor calls and says that Sage is sick and needs to be picked up, Craig agrees to drive a license-less Rosanna to get her. As soon as they return home, Sage asks where her mother is and Craig admits that she’s seeking help for her dependence on alcohol. Upset, Sage blames Craig. Jack is furious that Craig told Sage about Carly being in rehab without him. After Jack takes Sage with him to the Snyder farm for the night, Rosanna warns Craig to stay away from Milltown. Later, Rosanna takes the kids to the Lakeview after ruining their meal. Craig invites them all to go to Chicago with him for a meeting. Once there, the deal between Craig and his client falls through when the client recognizes Rosanna as the former CEO of Cabot Motors. Although the meeting was a failure, Sage has formed a good relationship with her waitress, Teri.


Riley and Margo blow Casey off when he tries to tell them of his re-acceptance into Oakdale U. To mend fences, they throw him a surprise party. While Riley distracts Hunter, Alison and Casey finally talk things out and later kiss. Emily becomes upset when Hunter continuously avoids a mother/son relationship with her. Furious at him for his deception, Vienna tells Henry she’s going back to Sweden. Brad hides his anger at Katie for knowing, not wanting to upset her or the baby. Although Dusty’s determined to pay the price for his actions, Bonnie fights for him, a role reversal that both seem to like. An Oakdale business closes its doors, greatly upsetting the Oakdale vixen who runs it. Emily fills Paul in on his past misdeeds, prompting Paul to seek out a bit of good karma by testifying at Dusty’s trial that he provoked both Dusty and Damian. Luke has second thoughts about going back to school after seeing how time together has negatively affected Mason’s relationship with his boyfriend George. An Oakdale business closes its doors, greatly upsetting the Oakdale vixen who runs it.

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