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ATWT Spoilers: Week of June 29

Rosanna confronts Carly about her drinking.

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{xtypo_sticky}Rosanna confronts Carly about her drinking.

Geneva comes onto Brad.

Damian and Dusty make a deal.

Noah has a hard time dealing with his father’s death.{/xtypo_sticky}


Carly can’t design her own wedding dress so she buys one from Fashions and rips the tags off. Ashamed, she passes it off as her own design, but is forced to admit the truth when Rosanna sees the exact same dress at Fashions. Rosanna confronts Carly about her drinking and Carly admits it, but denies she has a problem.

Later, after kicking her sister out, Carly gets drunk in the limo on the way to her wedding. She overhears Craig and Rosanna discussing her drinking and bolts. With nowhere else to go, Carly goes to Lily for help, but runs into Holden instead. He’s forced to call Jack when a severely inebriated Carly comes onto him at the Wagon Wheel. While Carly’s getting her stomach pumped at the hospital, Rosanna tells a hesitant Jack that they should be the ones to help Carly, not Craig.


Dusty and Bonnie do some investigating. Damian and Dusty call a truce for a common goal. Parker blames himself for Carly’s downward spiral. Liberty comforts her ex-husband. Henry doesn’t know when to stop. Riley’s forced to cover quickly when Tom suspects something. Hunter tries his best to cope with his newfound family. Noah freaks when he finds a box of his father’s things. After finding him, Damian suggests he burn the box. Carly goes missing.

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