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GH's Vaughan Clears Up Rumors


GH's Vaughan Clears Up Rumors

Greg Vaughan clears up rumors of him being bumped to recurring.

Over the past month there have been rumors persisting about General Hospital’s Greg Vaughan being bumped to recurring status. With his lack of airtime, many were led to believe these rumors to be true, while others insisted Vaughan’s status had not changed and he was still on contract status with the soap.

The actor cleared up rumors this afternoon on Twitter with this message, “RUMORS, RUMORS, RUMORS… what should a GH fan believe? Better yet, what should a Greg Vaughan fan believe? RUMORS have said the actor was put on recurring status months ago despite some saying that simply wasn’t true. I HAVE NOT BEEN PUT ON RECURRING STATUS!!!”

We’d like to remind fans, rumors are just that, rumors. Unless there is confirmation by a legitimate source, such as the actor or other reliable source, people shouldn’t believe everything they hear or read on the internet.

We thank Greg for clearing up the rumors about his status with the show and are very happy to hear he hasn’t been bumped to recurring.

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