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GH Previews: Week of August 31


GH Spoilers: Week of August 31

Kristina takes responsibility for her actions!

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Claudia boils over in anger when she overhears Sonny and Alexis talking about protecting Kristina at all costs. Before heading back to Port Charles, Sam tries to convince Kristina she must do the right thing and take responsibility. Michael is reluctant to return to Port Charles. Once back in town, Jason tells Sonny all the details about the trip, including his run in with Jerry. Sonny is inclined to believe Jerry’s story about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Kristina confesses her involvement in Claudia’s accident to Sonny, and is surprised by his reaction.

Edward tips his hand to Andrea and tells her that he saw her at the Metro Court the day Brianna died. Andrea fails at her attempt to get rid of Edward, but she doesn’t give up easily. Robin is anxious to question Edward about the night Brianna was murdered. As the hospital carnival gets underway, Andrea tries again to poison Edward.

Sonny makes plans to take Michael, Kristina and Morgan to the carnival. Spinelli takes the step to face his fears by becoming a clown for a day. Sam gives Jason every chance to back out of taking her to the carnival but he surprises her by telling her, he really wants to take her. Kristina receives an ominous warning from the fortune teller.


Keifer implies Michael is a bad influence on Kristina, to Alexis. After seeing Jason and Sam in a passionate embrace, Spinelli and Maxie decide to help get them back together. Lucky and Elizabeth are suspicious of Nikolas’ motives for forgiving Rebecca. Rebecca is unaware of Nikolas’ true intentions. Max accuses Diane of using him just for sex. Anthony hatches a plan against Sonny. Elizabeth warns Nikolas he could be the one who ends up getting hurt if he goes through with his plans for Rebecca. Sonny wants Dominic to be a bodyguard for Michael and Morgan. Michael has a change of heart towards Dominic. Cary questions Jax about his changing opinion regarding Dominic. Jason’s feelings for Sam grow stronger while he assists her on a case. Jax plans to expose the truth about Claudia, but after Carly has the baby. Carly tells Jason he needs to be honest with Sam about his feelings.


Carly questions why Jax’s opinion of Dominic always seems to be changing on Monday, August 31.

Kristina confesses to Sonny that she caused Claudia’s accident on Tuesday, September 1.

Nikolas plans on hurting Rebecca as much as she hurt him on Wednesday, September 2.

Andrea fails in her attempt to poison Edward but she has no intention of giving up easily on Thursday, September 3.

Everyone converges outside the hospital as the carnival gets underway on Friday, September 4.

COMING SOON: Week of 9/07

Monday, September 7 episode will be re-airing the July 21, 2009 episode.

Edward inadvertently places many lives in peril. Spinelli’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Michael warns Kiefer to stay away from Kristina. Johnny’s life is in jeopardy. Olivia’s put to the test when Dominic is near death. Alexis learns Kristina is missing. Robin has startling news for Mac and Edward. Patrick learns Olivia’s secret. Jason sees Nikolas kissing Elizabeth. Olivia’s on the verge of telling Sonny everything. Michael has an unsettling memory about Jax. Jason and Sam inch closer.

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