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GL Previews: Week of August 31


GL Spoilers: Week of August 31

Find out what happens this week on Guiding Light.

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  • Alan makes a brave decision in order to save Phillip.
  • Shayne and Marina make an announcement to their families.
  • Olivia comes through for Natalia.
  • Jeffrey and Edmund play a game of cat and mouse.


Billy and Vanessa announce to their family and friends they are planning a wedding. They pay an unexpected visit to Reva, who is trying to put the memories of Jeffrey away for safe keeping. Josh believes Reva can pull through this, while Lizzie isn’t so sure she can. Billy is hesitant to involve Reva in their wedding but he wants the entire family to participate. Reva feels the wedding is just what she and Colin need right now. Josh is surprised to hear the wedding planning is almost done; Vanessa asks Reva to be one of her bridesmaids. The Lewis family enjoys a lunch to celebrate Billy and Vanessa’s happiness.

Marina and Shayne reveal to Josh and Reva that Shayne is Henry’s father. Marina is happy to know the family took the news so well, especially after Reva makes a toast to Henry before leaving for court. Mallet prepares to leave for Germany and tells Frank he did the right thing for Henry and that’s all that matters. Back in the courtroom, the judge declares it official as the family celebrates with Henry and his parents.

Phillip is determined to spend time with his family. Lillian asks Phillip to be patient with James after learning Phillip is having a difficult time connecting with his son. Ed tells Lillian it’s still too risky to perform the transplant surgery on Phillip. Phillip realizes it’s time to tell the family about his illness after his confrontation with James. After hearing the news from Phillip, the family members breakdown. James trashes his office and finds Phillip’s file. Later, James confronts Ed about not using the cure he’s found for Phillip.

Natalia is excited to be going shopping with Olivia. Olivia cancels her shopping day with Natalia and invites Matt over for a drink. Olivia tries to explain to Natalia she cannot just hang out with her as a friend. While Olivia and Matt enjoy their dinner together, Natalia interrupts wanting to talk to Olivia. Natalia tells Olivia she knows how hard it is but she is going to try harder to gain her trust back. Matt becomes suspicious that there is something going on between Olivia and Natalia.

Buzz sets up a romantic dinner for two at Company for his date with Lillian. Edmund sends a threatening note to Jeffrey telling him to stay ‘dead’ or he will kill the children, starting with Sarah. Jonathan picks up Sarah and takes her someplace safe, while Jeffrey plays a cat and mouse game with Edmund.

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