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ATWT Previews: Week of August 31


ATWT Spoilers: Week of August 31

Janet realizes she’s been duped! Tom reels from the news about Adam.

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{xtypo_sticky}Emily gives Paul her decision.

Audrey shocks Henry with her request.

Tom reels from the news about Adam.

Meg accuses Damian of having feelings for Lily{/xtypo_sticky}


Emily declines a marriage proposal from Paul, but after a spat with Barbara, she has second thoughts. When Audrey and Henry’s plan to stop James’s lawyer from changing the will backfires, Henry looks to his good friend Katie for help. Vienna scolds Henry for his actions, causing Henry to realize he’s changed. Meg’s jealousy causes a tense confrontation. Margo finally tells Tom the truth about Riley. Furious, Tom wants him arrested, but Margo reminds him that she and Casey would be charged as accessories. Upon learning his real identity, Alison orders Adam to keep his distance from her. Mason’s obvious bond with Noah begins to irritate Luke. Lily holds on to her memories of Holden, while Holden tries to hold on to hope. Parker’s conscience won’t let him keep Liberty’s secret much longer. James’ life is in Audrey’s hands, literally.


Teri’s able to talk Janet into letting her chaperon the kids while they look at colleges in Chicago. Unaware of the true purpose of the trip, Janet agrees, allowing Craig, Teri, and Liberty to set up an appointment at the abortion clinic. However, Janet sees Mackenzie in Oakdale and realizes she’s been played. Liberty rushes home, just in time for Parker to tell Janet she was with him. In Chicago, despite Teri and Craig’s best attempts, Rosanna learns the truth and repulsed, tells Craig she never wants to see him again. They all return to Oakdale. While Craig’s busy getting slapped by Roseanna for a rude comment about her sex life, Teri’s apologizing to Janet for lying about Liberty. Later, Janet tells Jack she’s glad Liberty’s on the pill, unaware of what’s really been going on.


  • Paul proves himself.
  • Parker helps a friend.
  • Luke gets good news.
  • Lily’s secret is exposed.

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