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DAYS Spoilers: Week of August 31

Philip’s reunion with Stephanie may be short lived when his secret tryst with Melanie is exposed!



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This week on “Days of Our Lives,” Melanie & Philip’s tryst at the motel is revealed!

Nathan & Melanie come upon Stephanie & Philip as he slides a ring on her finger. Melanie congratulates the two and then takes small steps in the direction of dating Nathan, first needing Maggie approval. Maggie gives her the go ahead, and the two woman share an emotional moment before Melanie spends some quality time with Nathan. However Melanie is horrified when a friend sends a message with a link to a video of Melanie & Philip having sex at the motel. Melanie turns to Brady & Ari for help. The two end up confronting the motel manager. Meanwhile, Philip has to leave town on business and Stephanie tells Nathan she is moving in with Philip. However, at work she feels as if everyone is staring at her and is unsure of why…


Melanie pulls Nathan into her plot to get Daniel in to see Chloe. The two share a close moment that is interrupted by Lucas, telling them he has a made a decision. The two then must distract Kate and Lucas so Daniel can escape. Lucas is then shocked when he learns that Chloe could recover, unaware that Daniel gave her meds.  Chloe wakes for a moment, mumbles Daniel names, and then falls back into her coma.

Lucas lashes out at Chloe, now back in her coma, until Craig shows up. Craig urges Lucas to forgive his daughter and try to help her before saying a goodbye, in case she doesn’t wake up. After Craig leaves, Lucas vows to help Chloe, but not forgive her. Meanwhile Daniel meets with Justin and then a break into Kate’s, finding the gloves she wore when she drugged Chloe. However on his way out, he is busted.


Sami & Rafe briefly reconnect on the way back to Salem, but tension mounts and distance grows between the two as he keeps secrets from her. Meanwhile, Stefano manages to get the letter from Dr. Baker’s lawyer addressed to the police. However Nicole’s secret isn’t safe until she intercepts the letters to Mia and Sami. Nicole goes to visit with Sami in hopes of snatching the letter up.  She gets her chance when Sami goes to the park with Sydney, however is busted by Rafe who learned from Baker’s lawyer that a letter was mailed to Sami.

Victor catches Brady & Arianna about to make love before the two slip off into his room.  Arianna is then pleased to have landed a meeting with the head of the drug cartel. When she arrives, we find out that man is Victor, who ducks out of the meeting unsure of what to do next.  Later, when he comes upon her and Brady he invites her over for dinner wanting to learn more.

Bo & Hope’s attempts at civility fail miserably – with the two lashing out at one another, each angry at the way the other handled the kidnapping fiasco. Hope is comforted by Justin. EJ goes to Lexie over concerns about Stefano’s heath. Chad is none too pleased after learning Mia & Will are officially a couple. With plans to split them up, he breaks into Maggie’s in the hopes of getting his hands on Mia’s diary. Instead he gets his hands on Dr. Baker’s letter….Will Chad learn the truth?


Daniel is able to administer the antidote to Chloe on Monday, August 31, 2009

Sami tells Rafe about Dr. Baker’s call on Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Victor discovers Arianna is a drug dealer on Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Craig urges his son-in-law to find forgiveness in his heart on Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mia is testy after Will questions her about her rift with her mother on Friday, September 4, 2009


PROGRAMMING NOTE: Days of Our Lives will be pre-empted on Monday, September 7, 2009.

  • Victor confronts Arianna.
  • Nicole manages to destroy Sami’s letter.
  • Chad insists Mia still loves him
  • Stephanie learns about Philip & Melanie’s tape.
  • Nicole urges Sami to stay away from Rafe.
  • Hope realizes the truth about the kidnapper but is it too late?
  • Nicole & Rafe and Sami & EJ have it out.
  • Brady and Sami bond over having been hurt by the ones they love
  • Maggie & Will have a heart to heart about Mia & Chad.


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