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ATWT Previews: Week of August 24


ATWT Spoilers: Week of August 24

Henry’s true parentage is revealed!

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{xtypo_sticky}James returns to remind Paul of his past.

Alison continues to make trouble for the Hughes family.

Bob struggles to give Kim the care she needs.

Holden picks up a dangerous stranger. {/xtypo_sticky}


Casey assures Alison that he believes her claims about his grandfather and is determined to stand up for her. At Tom and Margo’s, Casey verbally doubts Bob’s mental well being and everyone is appalled. Kim starts to feel bad and Bob rushes her to the hospital. Once there, Kim sends Bob to get her some ice cream. Meanwhile, Casey runs into Java and finds Alison and Riley together yet again. While he doesn’t think they’re having an affair, he doesn’t like the secret bond they seem to share. Alison leaves and runs right into Bob, who’s holding a tub of melting ice cream. When he collapses, Alison rushes him to the hospital, where doctors find a mass on Bob’s brain. Riley convinces Margo that Alison did the right thing, even though she lied. He comments that she should know a thing or two about lying for good reason, which Tom overhears. Tom confronts Casey, who’s comforting Alison on the roof, but Casey denies anything is going on between Riley and Margo. After Tom leaves, Alison can notice that Casey lied and recommends that Casey tell her everything that’s going on between Riley and Margo.


The Snyders continue to deal with their grief over Holden’s tragic death, unaware that he’s really alive. However, he might not be out of danger just yet. Noah’s reluctant to meet with an actor for his film because he doesn’t want to leave Luke’s side. When Teri tells Craig she found a positive pregnancy test in Liberty’s posession, he heads off to confront Parker and learns the two teens haven’t had sex lately. Meanwhile, Liberty tells Tony that she’s pregnant with his child, but he doesn’t believe her. Knowing Liberty doesn’t feel well, Teri suggests Liberty go with her and Craig to Chicago so they can discuss options. Liberty lies to Janet that she wants to go look at colleges, but Janet’s convinced Liberty has a virus and won’t allow her to go anywhere. Henry learns he’s the sole heir to the Stenbck fortune and upon Vienna’s ultimatum, agrees to let Audrey have the money once James dies so that he can be with Vienna. Across town, Paul tells James he’ll be glad when he’s dead and nothing but a memory. While Paul invites Emily to move back into Fairwinds, James has his will changed so that Paul is the sole heir to his fortune, instead of Henry.

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