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AMC Previews: Week of August 31


AMC Spoilers: Week of August 31

David learns the truth this week on ‘AMC’

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Jake and Amanda find proof that Amanda really did see Baby Trevor at the hospital. Liza tells David the truth regarding Trevor, after he threatens to kill her. David vows revenge on everyone who was involved with keeping Trevor away from him. David taunts Jake and Tad as the two confess everything to Jesse. David demands that Jake be arrested. Amanda’s nightmare continues when Trevor is put into foster care. David is confident that he’ll get custody of Trevor. David makes an Amanda an offer. Tad and Liza realize that there is no chance Jake and Amanda will ever get custody of Trevor now. Marissa has mixed feelings, when Liza suggest she continue living with David , to get some dirt they can use against him to help Amanda.


Erica returns from Africa and moves in at Zach and Kendall’s. JR sees a specialiast after Tad encourages him to fight his cancer. Ryan warns Zach that he’s going to take Spike. Kendall threatens to expose her presence to Ryan and Erica if Zach allows Ryan to take Spike. Erica suspects Zach is up to something Kendall has a flashback of Stuart’s murder and remembers something that could help her.


Ryan gives Adam and Annie a surprise by showing up unexpectedly at her hearing. David figures out the truth regarding baby Trevor. Frankie realizes he and Randi can’t keep baby Trevor a secret for long. Randi panics when Angie, Frankie and Jesse insist they have to take the baby to the authorities and reveal the truth about North’s murder to Natalia. Madison blackmails Frankie demanding cash.


Angie convinces Randi to contact the authorities regarding baby Trevor on Monday, August 31

JR is determined to keep his secret from Marissa on Tuesday, September 1

Amanda turns to Krystal on Wednesday, September 2

Frankie is at lost over how to comfort Randi on Thursday, September 3

Jake threatens to shoot David on Friday, September 4

COMING SOON: Week of 9/07

Monday September 7 episode will be a re-airing of June 29, 2009 episode

Kendall believes Emma could be the way to get to Annie. Tensions remain high between Frankie and Randi. Zach tries to gain Annie’s trust. Annie figures out what Zach is up to. Frankie lashes out at Jesse. JR accuses Scott of wanting to be with Annie. Kendall’s steamed over Zach’s friendship with Liza. Zach tries to ease Emma’s fears. David has an ultimatum for Amanda. Amanda makes her choice. Jake would like nothing more than to kill David. JR makes a confession to Marissa.

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