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DAYS Spoilers: Week of August 24

Nicole tries to keep her world from crashing in around her



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This week on “Days of Our Lives,” Nicole tries to keep her world from crashing in around her. Not only does she have to deal with Sydney’s genetic testing, she also runs into Mia, is questioned by Rafe, and gets a call from Dr. Baker demanding more money. Meanwhile, tension grows between Rafe & Sami as he keeps his suspicions about Nicole a secret. After a run in with EJ, Sami receives a phone call from Dr. Baker and later in the week Rafe swipes Nicole’s cell phone in order to get a hold of the Doctor. By week’s end Sami meets up with Nicole and brings up Dr. Baker. However Sami soon takes off to the Dominican in search of Rafe. And EJ overhears Nicole calling Stefano for help with Dr. Baker…


Bo talks Hope into making a plea with him on national TV. She is reluctant, not wanting to do anything that may cause Ciara more danger. After, Hope lashes out at Bo. Abe, realizing Theo saw the kidnappers tattoo, gets a list of possible kidnappers. One is a registered sex offender. They search his place and a find a map with three areas circled off. Meanwhile Dean & Kyle start to disagree about what the next best step is.

Bo & Hope hear gunfire and run into the shack and find Ciara alive and well. Kyle shot Dean and took off, so Dean covers by saying he found her and was shot by the kidnapper. Kyle soon reappears and fights with Dean and Bo, leading to his death. Hope thanks Dean for saving Ciara.


Chad overhears Will saying he can’t make it to the under 21 party at the Cheating Hart tonight and decides to make a play for Mia. As Chad plays their old song, Will walks in but soon leaves. Mia then decides to leave with Kinsey, but Chad remembers seeing Kinsey drinking and runs off to stop her. Kinsey then crashes her car, crushing the passenger side.

Daniel asks Brady for help, who in turn asks Melanie to help — which sends her to Nathan. Daniel then makes a play for Kate, one that leaves her breathless and makers her rethink what she is doing to him as Lucas meets with Dr. Craig Wesley, Chloe’s father. Philip & Stephanie decide to start anew.


  • Rafe discovers a body!
  • Stefano gets Dr. Baker’s attorney to hand over a letter the doctor wrote revealing the baby switch
  • Nicole learns there were two more letters that were mailed
  • Kate tries to convince Lucas to take Chloe off life support
  • Brady & Arianna give into passion and sleep together
  • Nathan and Melanie team up with Daniel for “Operation Save Chloe”
  • Victor spots Arianna with a drug dealer.
  • Hope turns to Justin as she shuts Bo out.
  • Rafe busts Nicole with Dr. Baker’s letter to Sami.
  • Philip proposes to Stephanie

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