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Phillip and Melanie make love!



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Panic ensues when Bo & Hope find Ciara’s teddy bear in the forest. Bo sends out a frantic search for Ciara when Justin tells him the police have arrived. A ransom not is delivered to the Salem P.D. linking Ciara’s kidnapping to Hope’s charity donation. Hope believes Ciara’s kidnapping is a DiMera plot. Reminiscing about Ciara, Hope breaks down and is comforted by Justin. Hope gets a call from the kidnapper, who says that it’s all Hope’s fault if Ciara dies.

While Hope goes to meet the kidnappers, Bo gets a vision that Ciara will die during the ransom exchange. Bo rushes to Hope’s side at the forest clearing where the drop is set up and warns her not to give the kidnappers a ransom. Justin and Hope remain unconvinced. When the kidnappers call to reschedule the drop, Bo grabs the phone and tells them that they will not pay a ransom; he’s going to hunt them down and kill them. When Bo continues to take over the decisions in trying to find Ciara, Hope warns Bo that if they lose Ciara, their relationship won’t survive it. The kidnappers hatch a new plan after nearly giving up.


At the carnival, Philip tries to tell Stephanie his good news, but finds her with Nathan and attacks him. Stephanie rejects Philip forever before he can tell her that he’s done with the family. Philip & Melanie wind up in a kiss after she finds him alone wallowing. Philip convinces Melanie he’s not with her as a rebound, but because he does care about her. They end up in a sleazy motel room and make love. Stephanie resolves to find Philip after squaring off with Victor and learning Philip is unaware of Ciara’s kidnapping. Melanie & Philip agree they have no regrets the next morning. Philip goes home to move out some of his things and Stephanie shows up to tell him how much she loves him for leaving his family. She hopes it’s not too late for them. When Melanie walks in on them, Philip asks her to give him and Stephanie privacy.

Elsewhere, Melanie confides in Arianna that she slept with Philip and he’s now breaking the news to Stephanie. However, back at the mansion, Philip lies to Stephanie and they talk about possibly reuniting. Philip goes to Melanie telling her he’s hoping to get back with Stephanie, so he needs Melanie to keep their one night stand a secret. Hurt, Melanie refuses and runs into Stephanie. Melanie lays into Stephanie, who thinks it’s about Nathan. Melanie confides in Arianna, who urges her to go for Philip if she loves him. Later, Philip calls Melanie back to the mansion and she promises to keep the secret. Unbeknown to Philip and Melanie, the manager from the sleazy motel taped them making love and has plans of his own in the form of adult entertainment. Will Stephanie be the tape’s first viewer?


Brady and Arianna’s date is interrupted by Daniel, who asks Brady to help him save Chloe’s life. Philip quits Titan and the Kiriakis family. EJ learns of Ciara’s kidnapping and tells Nicole how furious it makes him that someone would keep a child from its real parents. Dr. Baker receives Nicole’s payout and decides to leave town. Kate & Daniel meet up on the pier, and Daniel learns Kate still has feelings for him. EJ and Stefano meet with Victor to assure him they were not involved in Ciara’s kidnapping. Rafe goes to the now closed clinic to meet someone about Dr. Baker. In a move to protect Sydney, EJ wants to do complete genetic and DNA type testing on Sydney and the family.


Monday, August 17, 2009 – Daniel has visions of Chloe and swears he will save her.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 – Brady finds a cocaine vial at the Brady Pub, but Arianna convinces him not to call the police.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 – Lucas realizes that Chloe’s life is in his hands.

Thursday, August 20, 2009 – After paying off his gambling debts, Dr. Baker loses his remaining funds placing a bet.

Friday, August 21, 2009 – Rafe learns that Sami and Nicole both gave birth at Dr. Baker’s clinic.

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