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ATWT Previews: Week of September 21


ATWT Spoilers: Week of September 21

Luke is in danger this week on ‘As The World Turns’.

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{xtypo_sticky}Lily believes Holden to be alive when a ransom call comes in.

Emily and Paul consider adding to their family.

Damian works to cover his tracks.

Maddie returns to set the record straight about Adam.


Meg breaks into Damian’s room and finds the handwriting samples that Damian got from Lily. When Jack gets them, he questions Damian, who lies and says the analyst still has them. Outraged, Lily stops Jack from asking Damian any more questions since he just saved Luke’s life. Lucinda is certain that Damian is hiding something. Since Luke is spending more time with family, this allows Mason and Noah to spend more time together, which leads to an interesting advance. Across town, Emily’s touched when Paul remembers their daughter Jennifer’s death. The couple grieves together and upon returning home, they begin to talk seriously about adoption. At the same time, another Oakdale citizen considers adoption, thanks to a family friend’s offer to help. Henry’s accidental agreement sends Audrey into a tailspin. Barbara finally gets what she’s wanted. Craig sets his eyes on a new blonde. Meg promises to steer clear of Lily and Damian, but promises the truth about Damian will come out. Maddie tries to heal old wounds and reunite a torn family. Lily makes plans for a new housemate. Damian makes a surprising move.


Luke decides to move back in with Lily and the kids in order to appease Jack, who’s very unhappy about Lily’s sudden new relationship with Damian. When a cop asks Eb about Skaggs’s death, he’s nervous. Holden convinces him to call Lily for ransom, but the line is busy because Damian is being told that the remains found at the wreck site were Skaggs’s, not Holden’s. He tells Lily and Luke he’s going to California for business. Luke later gets the ransom call from Eb and while he and Jack head to Kentucky to seek answers, Meg and Lily have harsh words with each other. The ransom meet goes horribly wrong. Eb goes missing after falling into a ravine, Damian gets shot while protecting Luke, and Officer Grady is discovered to be missing, as well. Meanwhile, Maeve and Holden bond over their former loves, Lily and Eb. They both agree that Eb will leave them for dead once he has the money. With options running slim, they decide to escape. Holden’s successful attempt at freeing Maeve prompts her to kiss him, just as Eb returns home. The two men struggle for control of the axe. Eb finally knocks Holden out with the axe and tells Maeve to tie him up so they can leave.


  • Henry’s greed consumes him.
  • Lily’s world gets turned.
  • Mason speaks his mind about Luke.
  • Katie and Vienna’s lives are one the line.
  • Damian’s news devastates Meg.

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