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AMC Previews: Week of October 26


AMC Spoilers: Week of October 26

The devil offers Amanda a deal, will she accept it?


Scott stops Zach’s interrogation of Adam. Meanwhile, Zach nearly pushes Scott to his breaking point, but someone takes matters into their own hands before Scott reveals the truth. Ryan and Erica figure out that Emma is blackmailing Annie after Annie suddenly announces that she’s not going to marry Adam. Emma has a change of heart towards Adam as she watches him lovingly interact with Little A. Annie panics when Scott suggests they might need to tell Adam the truth about Stuart’s murder. Ryan, Zach and Erica recreate the night of Stuart’s murder in hopes of breaking Adam. Adam begins to remember.


Aidan tells Kendall that she can communicate with Zach using the laptop computer he stole. Kendall is overwhelmed with emotion when she connects with Zach online. Kendall and Zach dream that they’re back in each others arms. Zach starts to panic when Jesse tells him Natalia may know where Kendall and Aidan are. Aidan admits to Kendall that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever find his true love.


David offers to share custody of Trevor with Amanda if she agrees to have another baby with him. Jake is appalled that Amanda would consider such a deal, but later tells her that he’ll go along with anything she decides. Amanda struggles with whether or not to agree to David’s deal. Later, Amanda gives David her terms should she accept his offer. Amanda refuses David’s deal, but Jake convinces her to accept it. Jake and Amanda make love before she starts the terms of her contract with David.


JR is affected by a fellow patient’s story while at a cancer support group. Natalia can’t help but turn away when she sees a shirtless Brot’s scars. A close moment between Natalia and Brot comes to a screeching halt. Liza is furious with Bailey. Amanda makes it clear to David that she’s anxious to get pregnant. Tad bolsters Krystal when she laments the fact that she can’t have any more children after a nasty run in with David.


Scott and Annie fear that Adam is close to remembering the truth on Monday, October 26.

Marissa lashes out at David when she learns about the deal he offered Amanda on Tuesday, October 27

Jesse enlishs Brot’s help to prevent Natalia from continuing her search for Kendall and Aidan on Wednesday, October 28

Bailey has second thoughts about being a full time mother and tells Colby about Stuart’s father, Damon on Thursday, October 29

Natalia lets go of her anger towards Brot on Friday, October 30

COMING SOON: Week of 11/2

Adam cracks under pressure. Annie is desperate to get to Adam. Kendall longs to be with Zach. Erica and Ryan jump to the wrong conclusion. Adam pours his heart out to Scott. Aidan lets his jealousy get the best of him. Ryan starts to put the pieces together. Angie makes a deal with the devil. Annie urges Adam to keep their secret. Adam pays an emotional visit to Stuart’s grave. Ryan pressures Adam to confess. Angie struggles with her guilty conscience. The guilt of what he’s done takes its toll on Adam. Aidan’s keeping secret from Kendall. Jesse fills Zach in on Ryan’s theory about Stuart’s murder.

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