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Interviews from the Set of NBC’s ‘Days of our Lives’


Born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Taylor Spreitler made her entre’ into the entertainment business at the age of six, she won a statewide talent and beauty contest. She then went on to compete at the national level. Afterwards, she and her Mom were quickly approached by several agents from New York and the following summer Taylor, her mother and big sister “Sam” hit the bright lights of New York City. Spreitler’s first venture in show business was print worked on ads for Saks 5th Avenue, Macy’s, Lands End, Avon, McCalls Brides, Parents Magazine and Junior Magazine while landing the cover of Child Magazine.

After spending a few summers modeling Spreitler expressed a desire to try acting. A natural, she booked her first audition, a national campaign for Motrin. It didn’t take long before she started being booked for JIF, Hess Oil, Chuck E. Cheese, Pedicare, and a few others. Spreitler’s most notable appearance was a guest-starring role on Law & Order SVU.

In addition to acting, Spreitler is also known for being an accomplished singer. She sang before a world-wide audience during a pre-game show for the AXA Liberty Bowl on ESPN. –Bio Courtesy

Have you had a difficult time with all of Mia’s emotional scenes? It must be hard to cry on cue.

I really don’t know. I get asked that all the time. There’s really not a trick I have. Just for some odd reason I can cry when I need to cry most of the time. There are some days I’m just like “I can’t — I can’t do it today.”

What’s it like to play the liar of Salem right now?

I get compared to Sami a lot because I’m always lying about something. It’s fun.

How has it been working so much with Alison Sweeney, Arianne Zucker, and Suzanne Rogers?

I love the three of them to death, especially Suzanne because I work with her the most now. Maggie’s always the person to justify what I do, so, Suzanne and I have a lot of fun working together.

Mia and Chad have been through a lot together. Now that all of her lies are about to come out can you see them getting back together? Or with Will? Torn?

I think she’s definitely always going to be torn between the two just because of the past with everything. I think there’s always going to be something holding her back from actually giving in to Chad because they have been through so much and she does still feel kind of betrayed by him. But who knows what will happen?

Casey Deidrick, a relatively new, young actor, skateboarded his way into the hearts of “Days of our Lives” fans as Chad on the long-running NBC drama. Skateboarding for over 10 years, he even competed at the age of 17 in the 2004 Vans World Amateur Competition.

Casey is a native Californian, born in Santa Clara and raised in Arizona, until his family ultimately settled in Hollister, California. His first venture into theater was in his high school play, “Carousel.” He is inspired by actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Heath Ledger. Casey’s other television credits include a recurring role on “90210” and a role on “Hannah Montana.”

Casey is very multi-faceted and also sings in the heavy metal band A Dreadful Fall, which has recently recorded for the first time. He is an avid reader, loves movies and listening to loud music that he says “no one understands.” –Bio Courtesy

Has it been difficult to film all the emotional scenes that recently aired?

Yeah, with Sami and Nicole. I had a scene with Sami where I found out that Mia was with multiple partners and that I’m not the father and I had to really bring myself to dark place. He was so hurt and was just constantly lied to. I think he feels he can open himself up around Sami, there is something about her that allows him to do that. I mean you never really see him act like that around anyone else. That was probably on of my most difficult scenes — and then the scene with Nicole, Mia and I where I confront them in Maggie’s kitchen…

As a new actor on Days how has it been to work with soap opera vets?

Suzanne Rogers is a brilliant actress. I love working with different people just because different people challenge you in different ways.

Could you foresee Chad forgiving Mia for all her lies and move on to as new relationship with her?

Of course. There is always, always room for forgiveness.

What would you like to see happen for Chad?

I would like to see him get into the older storylines. I would love to expand the storyline to Melanie, Nathan, and Stephanie. You know being 22 years old it’s difficult to be 16 to 17 years old.

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