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Taylor Spreitler’s Sweet 16, Hollywood Style


Are you excited for your birthday party?
Very excited.

Finally sixteen huh? So, Will you be getting your drivers license here in California now?
No! I refuse to drive in LA. I can’t do it. It’s crazy out here.

Yes it is. So are you having fun on Days? It’s been almost a year now.
Yeah it is almost a year now. I’ve been having a blast. I can’t believe that it’s almost been a year. It seems like I just started like last week.

Now when your first joined the show you were not supposed to be long term, were you?
No, I really want. I was supposed to be the person came in and Nicole talked to. And the storyline was supposed to be completely different. I didn’t even know that [Mia] was pregnant. The character that I read for wasn’t actually pregnant. So I kind of just got thrown into this whirlwind of “oh yeah your pregnant go try on stomachs and were just gonna take you from there.” I was just kind of like ok and then they were like go sign a contract and I was like contract? What? So I am glad that I’ve been there and I hope to be there long.

Was it hard wearing the pregnancy belly?
It was, it was uncomfortable. A lot of times since I had never worn one I would just throw on my shirt and I would walk out and my shirt would be way up above my belly and wardrobe would always have to come and help me.

Is it ever awkward on set because you play opposite of Casey Deidrick (Chad) who is dating Molly Burnett (Melanie)?
No, not really. I’ve known Casey since before he even started Days so we have always been friends.

That’s cool. There are a lot of younger soap actors here you seem to have known for awhile. You and Shelby Young (Kinsey, DAYS) even lived together in New York I hear.
Yeah. I’ve known a lot of the teen soap actors for awhile now.

How is it working with a soap opera legend like Suzanne Rogers?
I love Suzanne Rogers to death. Oh my god, I love her so much. I love working with her. Every time I get a script I flip through it looking for Maggie and Mia scenes.

Fans have loved the Mia/Maggie relationship.
Oh really? That’s good because I love working with her.

Taylor will be a part of this weekend’s “Day of Days” fan event. We hope to have more with her. If you have any questions, send them to

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