Taylor Spreitler’s Sweet 16, Hollywood Style

Shelby Young is as young up-and-coming actress who has a recurring role on NBC’s Days of our Lives as Kinsey. Her previous credits include a recurring role on Everybody Hates Chris and starring alongside Emma Roberts in Wild Child. She can next be seen in the film For the Love of Jade.

So how has it been being on Days of our Lives?
It’s been fantastic! It’s an amazing learning experience watching all of the veterans on this show. It’s great. And then I get to work with Taylor which is a bonus since I’ve known her forever.

Is there anything you can tell us about Kinsey that’s coming up?
Well I’m still recurring so I’m not sure. I’m hopefully gonna cause some more drama soon. I enjoy that, its fun.

Well Kinsey has been quite the troublemaker so far.
Oh yes. A lot of people are not too happy with my character. But I love it because its awesome. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing, causing trouble.

Well people seem to enjoy Kinsey, so that’s good. They don’t hate you outright.
Yeah, I actually get fan mail that says “I really enjoy you as an actress but Kinsey is such a witch.”

Well that’s good, that’s what you are supposed to be doing.
Exactly. It’s so weird to be mean to Taylor because I lived with her in New York When we were like nine years old. So seriously we’ve been like sisters. So it’s funny, after our takes where we have to stare each other down we start cracking up.