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AMC Previews: Week of December 28


AMC Spoilers: Week of December 28

When Greenlee wakes up, and her first thoughts are of Ryan.


Believing she’s strong enough to survive without them, David instructs Nurse Gayle to take Greenlee off the drugs that’s been keeping her in a coma. David tells Gayle how he came upon Greenlee after the accident and vowed to save her, something he couldn’t do for either Babe or Leo. While unconscious, Greenlee dreams of Ryan. Tad heads to Gloucester to find out what David’s up to. David catches Tad snooping around up in Gloucester and later whisks Greenlee of to a secluded hospital. Greenlee regains consciousness and only thinks of Ryan. David arrives as Tad and Liza are trying to get answers out of Gayle. David shocks Greenlee when he reveals she’s been asleep for over a year.


Liza warns Ryan he could lose custody of Emma if he goes up against Annie in court. Ryan plays right into Adam and Annie’s hands. Zach suggests to Kendall that they pack up and take off with the boys for a while to give them a chance to regroup and heal as a family. Opal has a bad premonition concerning Emma. Erica cautions Ryan not to compromise with Annie when she brings up the subject of joint custody.


Zach and Kendall make love on Monday, December 28.

Adam and Annie have no doubt they’ll triumph over Ryan on Tuesday, December 29

Tad’s more determined than ever to find out what David’s really up to on Wednesday, December 30

Encore presentation will be aired (originally aired on May 28, 2009) on Thursday, December 31

All My Children will be pre-empted on Friday, January 1

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