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ATWT Previews: Week of December 21


ATWT Spoilers: Week of December 21

Meg makes her escape with Paul’s help.


  • Meg escapes with the help of a good friend.
  • Casey proposes to Alison.
  • Barbara corners Mick about James.
  • Brad says a final good-bye.


Brad uses Henry to talk with Katie. With Henry’s help, Brad and Katie have an emotional reunion. Simon informs Katie there is possibilities for him to stay in Oakdale, but she’d rather he not. While at the hospital for Emily’s fertility check up, Ali informs Mick of a dream she had about him and he’s unsettled when he hears the details about the dream. Barbara confronts Mick and wants to talk with him. Emily hears good news from the doctor about her check up, only to find Ali and Mick is gone. Casey and Ali almost kiss while looking for a Christmas tree. Later, they set up the tree at Tom and Margo’s. The two almost kiss again under the mistletoe, but Ali dodges Casey.

In an attempt to find evidence James is still alive, Barbara goes to the funeral home where the director tells her all the files on James are missing. Barbara demands answers from Mick about James Stenbeck’s fingerprints were found in his hotel room, Mick denies knowing anything but Barbara is persistent. Casey invites Alison over for Christmas Eve and surprises her with an engagement ring. Bob and Kim celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a special ornament Bob gives to Kim. Casey arranges for Margo to talk to Adam. Barbara becomes more suspicious about Mick and his behavior when he’s around her, frightens her.

Meg requests to see Eliza on her birthday, but the request is denied. Paul and Emily believe Meg needs to stay in the hospital, but Holden believes she could be released. Damian sneaks into Deerbrook and intimidates Meg, after he leaves, the nurse encounters Meg who believes she’s being visited by intruders. Meg confronts Damian at a hearing and insists he’s trying to make her look crazy. Molly tells Meg there is no evidence that Damian is trying to do what she’s claiming. After an outburst by Meg towards Damian and Lily, the judge rules she is to be returned to Deerbrook until further notice. After a fender bender in the parking lot with Paul, Meg is slipped the car keys. When the attendant goes to call 911, Meg and Paul drive off to Fairwinds. Paul hides Meg out in the wine cellar but when Meg hears Eliza cry, she comes out of hiding. Paul admits to Emily he wanted Meg to spend Christmas with her daughter.

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