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AMC Previews: Week of December 7


AMC Spoilers: Week of December 7

Aidan holds Kendall captive while Zach is out to destroy all things associated with her.


Aidan leads a bound and gagged Kendall to believe that he murdered Kat in cold blood and he would do the same to her if she doesn’t cooperate. Erica tracks the two down and Aidan warns Kendall he’ll kill Erica if she doesn’t do as he says. Zach and Erica fear that they have lost Kendall. Erica and Ryan realize Zach’s out to destroy anything associated with Kendall, which includes Fusion.


Scott, Angie, Jesse and Zach al testify at Adam’s murder trial. The jury reaches a verdict at Adam’s murder trial. Adam delivers an emotional statement in the courtroom after his verdict is read. JR appears to be on the verge of making peace with Adam, but the moment is shattered when Annie calls. JR’s ultimatum weighs heavily on Adam’s mind. JR is confident that Adam will choose his family over Annie.

David drugs himself to keep up the ruse that he’s dying in front of Jake and Amanda. Amanda overhears Jake telling David that he hopes he suffers until his dying day. Colby can’t believe that Liza isn’t going to fight for Stuart. Scott admits to Marissa that he has feelings for Annie. Ryan and Erica are involved in an accident.


Liza breaks down in Tad’s arms on Monday, December 7.

JR and Colby support one another as family on Tuesday, December 8

Zach warns Ryan he’s going to fight to reclaim Cambias on Wednesday, December 9

Tad and Krystal agree they should get back into the dating game on Thursday, December 10

David continues to play on Amanda’s emotions on Friday, December 11

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