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ATWT Spoilers: Week of December 14

Barbara has concerns about Mick and goes snooping in his hotel room.


  • Meg gets locked up in the nuthouse and calls Paul for help.
  • After his bachelor party Craig tries to get Carly to bed.
  • Jack asks Janet to be his date to the wedding.
  • Rosanna makes a life altering decision.


Hunter is embarrassed when Maddie discovers him playing the piano. Hunter is being mysterious about who he is only intrigues Maddie and her wanting to know more about him. Casey and Alison work together to help the hospital gather toys for needy children. Alison sees Mick and takes off after him but he wants nothing to do with her. Casey asks Ali to join him for a family holiday party and she agrees to go with him.

Alison and Paul continue to have their suspicions about Mick, while Barbara and Emily continue their treatments with him. Barbara’s curiosity pushes her to steal Mick’s room key and go snooping around his room. In her search, she finds old letters in a shoe box. She steals a glass from the room and gives it to a cop she has in her pocket. Barbara soon learns whose fingerprints are on the glass.

Brad has a little fun when he takes over Henry’s body. Katie kisses Henry when she thinks Brad is inside Henry. Boy is she embarrassed when she kisses Henry, Brad has already left his body. Katie and Simon go visit Brad’s grave, with Brad watching and he can feel her slipping away.

Chaos breaks out when Meg breaks into Lily’s home and threatens her with a piece of broken glass. Damian intervenes and gets hurt by cutting himself on the piece of glass. When the police arrive, Holden tells them all is okay and no cause for alarm. Meg is then taken away to Deerbrook. Meg calls Paul and tells him she needs his help. Paul calls Emily and tells her they’ll have to postpone the treatment. Mick is pleased to hear Paul’s treatment must be delayed. Meg wants Paul to help her escape from Deerbrook and agrees, but later tells Emily they don’t need the drama Meg brings into their lives, and he won’t be helping Meg.

Craig and Rosanna plan for their nuptials by going for a marriage license, but discover they need a witness, so they call Carly and Jack. Carly, Molly and Rosanna celebrate at Metro and Dusty tries to be peacemaker between Janet and Teri. Molly kills the mood when she asks Carly how she feels about Craig marrying Rosanna. Carly tries to keep her mouth shut, but is pushed to limit and lashes out at Rosanna and Janet. Jack, Dusty, Paul join Craig at Yo’s for an impromptu bachelor party, but it turns into a roast of Craig. Craig ends up defending his love for Rosanna when he overhears the guys talking about their relationship behind his back. Craig calls them all out on their relationship indiscretions before he pays the bill and leaves. Jack asks Janet to accompany him to Craig and Rosanna’s wedding. Craig has his doubts he is good enough to marry Rosanna. A drunken Craig tries to convince Carly to sleep with him as Jack walks in on them. After Craig leaves, Jack pressures Carly to tell him what Craig wanted from her. Carly decides against telling Rosanna about Craig’s advances. Rosanna asks Carly if she can spend the night with her since it’s tradition for the bride not to see the groom the night before their wedding.

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