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‘Guiding Light’ Alum Daniel Cosgrove Cast As ‘As the World Turns’ Chris Hughes


'GL' Alum Daniel Cosgrove Cast As Chris Hughes

Daniel Cosgrove (ex-Bill, GL) joins As the World Turns as the new Chris Hughes.

The cast of As the World Turns is growing yet again, despite its’ recent cancellation. Fan favorite Meredith Hagner (Liberty) will be exiting the show at the height of a very intense storyline and actress Sarah Wilson will assume the role. The recently orphaned Liberty has been diagnosed with leukemia. Hagner taped her final scenes in December and Wilson is already taping. Look for Wilson to first air sometime in mid-March.

In other news, Oakdale will be seeing another face familiar to Guiding Light fans. Soap vet Daniel Cosgrove (ex-Bill, GL) will be joining the cast as Dr. Chris Hughes in March. The actor was at one time rumored to be joining ABC’s One Life to Live alongside Guiding Light co-star Gina Tognoni (Kelly, OLTL; ex-Dinah, GL) in the role of Joey Buchanan. However, Cosgrove will be among old friends yet. Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan, GL) joined World Turns this fall as Mick. Kurt McKinney (Matt, GL) will begin airing in late February as Ellis, a shady business partner of Craig’s.

The role of Chris Hughes was last played by Dylan Bruce, who exited the show in 2008. Some of Cosgrove’s other roles include All My Children, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Dirty Sexy Money. Cosgrove recently appeared on an episode of the CBS hit The Good Wife. There is no news as to whether the character of Chris will be involved with Marnie Schulenburg ‘s Alison again, but there is a considerable age difference between Cosgrove and Schulenburg. If Paul Leyden (Simon) doesn’t stick around to see the show out through its’ cancellation, there’s always the possibility of revisiting Katie & Chris. Terri Colombino and Daniel Cosgrove would look good together… Chris was last seen in Oakdale when he decided to skip town after bedding Alison one final time before her wedding to Aaron (Agim Kaba) and realizing she no longer loved him.

Since Guiding Light went off the airwaves forever in September, only six of its former cast members have resurfaced on other soaps. Guiding Light arguably had the strongest cast in the industry, but it seems talent can’t get you everywhere. If the cast members of As the World Turns want a job this time next year, they had better start looking now – and relocating can’t be out of the question. With budget cuts and cancellations galore, there just are not as many jobs in the industry anymore. When World Turns stops production this summer, One Life to Live will be the only soap still produced in New York, and that show’s future is anything but certain.

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