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ATWT Previews: Week of February 1


ATWT Previews: Week of February 1

Molly finds a bloodied Holden and questions him; Luke learns the depths of Damian’s deceptions.


  • Molly finds a bloodied Holden and questions him.
  • Alison takes it too far with Mick.
  • Janet comes to Carly for help with Liberty.
  • Luke learns the depths of Damian’s deceptions

Columnist Karen Riel writes about scene stealing pairings in the latest edition of "A View of The World"


Luke has difficulty coming to terms with Damian’s escape, especially without Noah there to help him through it.  Noah is forced to choose between supporting Luke, and obeying the rules in order to regain his sight. After convincing Emily of Paul’s reluctance to father a child with her, he offers to help her himself. Paul demands to know more about Mick after discovering his mother’s unhealthy interest in Oakdale’s newest stranger. Casey is disappointed to learn his criminal past might make it more difficult for him to become a lawyer and confides in Tom. Alison lies about her whereabouts to Casey.  Katie shoots down Henry’s suggestion to let him move in, citing various reasons, including Brad’s death and her and Henry’s unresolved feelings for her. Henry tries to turn Reid off to moving in with Katie, but he sees right through Henry’s plans and plays mind games with Henry in return.


Holden returns to Snyder Farm with bloodied hands after his confrontation with Damian down by the docks escalates into a full out brawl. With the Damian situation taken care of, he goes to Lily’s house where he encounters Luke who is processing the truth behind his biological father’s lies. Luke reconciles with Holden, apologizing for ever trusting Damian in the first place.
Back on Snyder Farm, with her budding relationship with Holden on the rocks, Molly prepares to move to the Lakeview. She notices that Holden is bleeding through his shirt, yet whenever she presses the subject, Holden keeps quiet as the events earlier that day. Later, he invites Lily and the children over to the farm to deliver the good news that Damian in gone for good.

After a barrage of doctor’s appointments Jack and Janet face the harsh reality that Liberty will need chemotherapy. Depressed by this latest piece of bad news, Liberty vents her frustrations to Carly. It turns out that she is also in New York City for a series of meetings regarding the re-launch of Monte Carlo. Liberty wants to meet up with her at the Metropolitan Opera House but Carly declines saying that it would be a bad idea. Against her better judgment, Carly goes to the Met and finds a very shaken up Liberty who has been told by a palm reader that she has a short life-line. Together they go back to the hotel. In private, Jack confesses to Carly that when he’s with Janet it feels as though he is cheating on her. Carly leaves upset by Jack’s attempts to make her feel better about the state of their relationship.

Upon returning to Oakdale,Carly invites Jack over to discuss their children’s vacation plans. Janet invites Carly to be part of Liberty’s support team, unaware Jack is with Carly. When asked why he didn’t make his presence known, Jack admits their coffee date might have looked suspicious. Carly and Jack struggle with the guilt they have over their feelings for each other. Jack assures Janet she has nothing to fear regarding Carly.

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