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ATWT Previews: Week of January 18


ATWT Spoilers: Week of January 18

Jack confesses his feelings to Carly.


  • Katie and Simon say good-bye.
  • Mick continues to keep Emily in her coma.
  • Jack confesses his feelings to Carly.
  • Kim’s in an accident when Dr. Oliver tries to get away.

Columnist Karen Riel discusses Carly & Jack and the changes in their relationship in the latest edition of "A View of The World"


Jack and Carly share another kiss, but Carly asks him to leave. Luke is desperate for Noah to get the best care and goes to the extreme to get it. Janet and Dusty go visit Libery but she’s gone from her hospital room. Dusty finds her on the hospital grounds and she is appreciative towards him for being there for her when she needed someone. Noah and Luke receive good news from the doctor about Noah’s sight. Emily’s movement doesn’t remain once Mick injects her once again with his coma inducing drug.

As Ali tries on wedding dresses she is startled by Mick and confronts him. Casey is worried about her when he hears she ran out of the store still in the wedding dress she was wearing. Ali wants to elope to Vegas but Casey talks her out of it. Mick refuses to give Barbara her treatments and she mocks him about Alison. Katie goes to Lakeview and is surprised by Margo and Henry’s going away party. She decides stay, but Simon leaves town again. Molly and Holden are beginning to believe Meg when they discover new information. Lily is upset when she learns Holden left town. Later, Lily and Damian leave on their trip to visit Faith as planned.

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