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ATWT Previews: Week of January 11


ATWT Spoilers: Week of January 11

Simon pulls Katie into a kiss.


  • Simon pulls Katie into a kiss.
  • Lily learns that Molly & Holden are an item.
  • Susan rants at Paul & Alison.
  • Janet learns the depth of Liberty’s illness.

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Clarissa encourages Simon to finish out the real estate scam but he knows he’ll have to leave Oakdale and he doesn’t want to leave. Katie sees the two of them together an denies her feelings about it to Henry. Simon takes Clarissa’s cash and goes to see Katie but Katie suggests he take Clarissa out to dinner instead. Simon tells Katie he isn’t involved with Clarissa and he is going to stay in town. Katie informs him she’s not ready, he tells her he will wait for her. Henry flirts with Clarissa and says he will take Simon’s place in their scam. Simon and Katie get closer and share a kiss. Katie later admits to Simon she’s already has feelings for him. Henry goes on about Katie, all her best qualities, and Clarissa picks up on the fact that this isn’t just about Simon. During a taping of her new show, Katie breaks down and runs into Simon’s arms. Simon consoles her but they are interrupted by a phone call from Henry. Simon realizes Henry needs his help and Katie believes she can be of help too. Katie, Simon and Henry are proud their planned worked, but Clarissa is furious. Clarissa lashes out at all three of them. After Henry’s gone, Simon tells Katie he loves her but he’ll leave town if she wants him to. Katie says she wants him to leave town, but she’s going with him.


Jack and Carly are finding it hard to convince others and themselves that they are not getting back together or have feelings for each other. They are about to share a kiss when Janet arrives and she tells Jack she wants to save their marriage. On an outing, Parker and Liberty realize they are lost and need to find their way out, but Parker hurts his leg and they now need to find shelter. They find a cave for shelter and then Parker passes out because he’s lost a lot of blood. Liberty cares for Parker until they are able to find their way out. Back at the hotel, many are worried about the whereabouts of Parker and Liberty. Liberty and Parker manage to get to the hotel and Parker is tended to by the paramedics. Susan and Paul have serious concerns about Mick’s treatment for Emily. Susan lashes out at Paul for allowing Emily to become Mick’s experiment. Barbara discovers Mick’s responsible for Emily’s condition.

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