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AMC Previews: Week of March 1


AMC Previews: Week of March 1

Annie holds the key to JR’s recovery. Will he accept it?

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Ryan convinces Erica to team up with him to destroy David. Greenlee’s honest with David when she admits to still loving Ryan but says David is the man she trusts. In turn, David is honest with Greenlee when he admits Erica’s threatening to send him to prison unless he helps her oust Greenlee from Fusion. Ryan brings Liza on board to help him and Erica get the goods on David. Erica, Liza and Ryan have their work cut out for them convincing a nervous Gayle to go through with their plan. Gayle tells Ryan and Liza that David bribed a coroner to switch Greenlee’s DNA with someone elses after the accident but Liza explains that without the man’s name, they still don’t have a case. Greenlee and Erica go toe-to-toe at Fusion with each woman refusing to back down. Greenlee, however, realizes she went too far with one of her digs and suggests she and Erica need to find a way to work together.


Angie tells Annie she’s a partial match for JR and is his best hope for survival. Annie keeps the news to herself as she struggles to decide what to do. JR regains consciousness just long enough to angrily order Annie out of his room as she stands over him, knowing she could be the only one who could save his life. Brooke tries to comfort Adam. Annie barely hides her jealousy when she witnesses the closeness between Brooke and Adam. With her own selfish motives at the forefront, Annie finally tells Adam she’s a partial match for JR. Annie’s thrilled by Adam’s gratitude. Colby is bolstered by Damon’s words of encouragement. Tad sees a lot of himself in Damon. Opal admits to Tad she might have misjudged Damon when she sees how good he is with Kathy and Jenny. Jake, Ryan, Gayle and Erica put their plan against David in motion, with help from Amanda and Natalia. Annie’s unsettled when she learns Adam invited Brooke to stay at the mansion. Dixie appears in front of JR.


Greenlee tells David they’ll work together to bring down Erica on Monday, March 1

David witnesses Frankie pop a pill on Tuesday, March 2

Adam isn’t thrilled when Liza gives Marissa the papers finalizing her adoption of AJ on Wednesday, March 3

Gayle threatens to shoot Erica on Thursday, March 4

Liza’s concerned over Colby’s growing closeness with Damon on Friday, March 5

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