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AMC Previews: Week of February 15


AMC Previews: Week of February 15

Ryan is stunned to see Greenlee alive and marrying David!

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Everyone attending the wedding is stunned to see Greenlee alive. Ryan is left speechless that Greenlee is not only alive, but she is marrying David, especially on Valentines Day. Ryan tells Greenlee he never stopped loving her, while dismayed that she kept the truth from him. Jack wants David behind bars. Ryan stuns Greenlee when he pulls her into a kiss. However, the passion fizzles when Greenlee accuses him of betraying her first with Kendall and Erica. Greenlee insists to David that she still wants to marry him. Greenlee and Erica face off at Fusion. Ryan holds Greenlee against her will as he tries to convince her that she still loves him. Greenlee finally admits to Ryan that she still loves him and maybe always will.


Annie crashes the wedding and is stunned to see Greenlee alive. Colby anticipates Annie’s descent now that Greenlee is back in town. Pretending to be Annie, Colby calls Oak Haven claiming she fears she’s having a meltdown. Annie starts to panic when Dr. Burke arrives. JR and Marissa get the news that JR needs a bone marrow transplant. JR rejects Adam’s offer to help but Adam refuses to walk away from his son. JR tells Marissa he wants her to adopt Little A. JR’s family starts to be tested as possible bone marrow donors. Adam’s disappointed when Frankie and Jake inform him he can’t be tested.


David blackmails Angie into resigning as Chief of Staff. Jake refuses to let David get away with blackmailing Angie into resigning. Tad, Ryan and Jake come up with a plan to get even with David. Tad and Jake drag an unconscious David to an undisclosed location. David awakes handcuffed and bound to a chair in Erica’s new penthouse. With Erica’s help, Tad and Jake get the tape David was using to blackmail Angie.


Greenlee defends David on Monday, February 15.

David puts the screws on Angie on Tuesday, February 16

Erica reminds Jack why they can never be together again on Wednesday, February 17

The tension between Angie and Jesse remain high on Thursday, February 18

Erica and David engage in a war of words on Friday, February 19

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